Considering a new smart watch? In this video, I compare the Apple Watch Series 3 to the new Fitbit Versa 2. Wondering which one to buy? Check out this video.

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Apple Watch Series 3:

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  1. you forgot to talk about durability

  2. Is the Apple watch 3 still supported by Apple?

  3. i got the finish for exercise

  4. Great video and great, thorough, comparison! I personally love my Versa2, but my husband is deciding between the Apple watches vs Versa2, & this video will definitely help him make his decision! Thank you! ?

  5. Can you connect your Apple Watch to WiFi even if you don’t have cellular version

  6. I get 2 day battery life on my Apple Watch series 3

  7. Bruh series 3 and series 5 Apple Watch have the same amount of brightness on each screen

  8. Thank you for helping explain this a little bit more

  9. I just wish the fitbit had google play music instead of spotify.

  10. can my iphone calendar events and notifications work on the versa?

  11. Was this review the Apple watch series 3 cellular edition?

  12. Hi I wanted to learn more on how Apple Music works with the Fitbit versa 2?? Will it automatically play like it does with the Apple Watch? Or do I have to download my music to the fit bit?? I don’t have Spotify and really don’t want to get it either and don’t want to go through the whole process of downloading music to the watch. That’s the only thing stopping me from buying it because i haven’t found anything that explains that portion of it. I used to have an Apple Watch series 3 and the main things I’d use it for was music since i have Bluetooth earphones I’d control it through my watch! If someone can help me out please I’d appreciate it! 🙂

  13. bought fitbit Versa 2 Sept 2019. The watch performed it's functions just fine; but the fitbit app was a nightmare. The app did not work well between my iPhone 6S and the fitbit Versa 2; basically, fitbit couldn't keep up with Apple app requirements. So, eight times over those four months, I had to research the fitbit app to see why it wouldn't sync with the fitbit Versa 2. Each time, there were plenty of complaints about failure to sync with the fitbit iPhone app. The latest just 'got my goat'; I checked my iPhone app just to be sure I could display how the fitbit
    & iPhone app recorded my daily/nightly details to show my Doctor the next morning. Of course, fitbit had changed the app, again, and ALL MY 4-MONTHS DATA WAS GONE. That did it! A hammer reduced that fitbit Versa 2 to 'smashed'; I'd had it with the unreliability of fitbit Versa 2 with my iPhone 6S. I'm reading accounts of reliability for Apple SmartWatch 3 with the Apple app. These two watches are, about, the same price depending on where purchased & whether you have a account. My fitbit account is DELETED!!!

  14. I tried multiple smart watches. I started with the Amazfit Bip. The price ($55 on sale) and insanely good battery life were really attractive. Unfortunately, the Bip's display was pretty bad and it didn't do anything particularly well. Yes, it tracked some fitness and could display notifications, but it was built like a cheap toy and didn't excel anywhere aside from battery life.

    Next I tried the Fitbit Versa 2, which I got on sale for $130. I was super excited about the vibrant (albeit undersized) display and Fitbit is one of the best fitness trackers out there. Unfortunately it wasn't quite right for me because the FV2 wasn't very good at being a smartwatch. It was more of a smart-fitness tracker.

    Then I went to the Samsung Galaxy Active, which I picked up for an open-box price of $120. It has a nice vibrant and good sized display. The bezels were a little thick and ugly for me. The apps were alright but nothing amazing. Aesthetically, it wasn't working for me. It was the only circular watch I tried, and I just couldn't get into it. I looked through thousands of watch faces, and it's great there are so many. But it drove me nuts how the best quality faces were mimics of conventional watches, while all of the modular style watch faces looked like crap. If you want a smart watch that looks exactly like a conventional watch, just get a conventional watch. The killer for the SGA was the battery life. I was only getting about 16 hours of light use before needing to charge.

    Finally, I upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 3 42mm ($229). Yes, it was a bit of a jump in price, especially considering I got the $50 Apple Care too, but aside from having a series 5, I couldn't be happier. Being an iPhone owner, the Apple Watch looks great, feels great, and is easily the best mix between smart watch and fitness tracker. Everything works seamlessly with my phone, which is more than I can say for any of the previous watches I tried pairing with an iPhone. I have had Android phones (and other iPhones) over the years, and I think I'm done with Android. I haven't seen an Android device in years that made me want it. As happy as I am with my Apple Watch, I think I'm going to stick with Apple for a long time. But that's just me.

  15. My favourite is Fitbit versa 2

  16. 4:40 bruh siri going crazy

  17. Are you wearing 38 mm or 42 mm Apple watch???


  19. I have the Apple Watch series 3 and I absolutely love it

  20. The Fitbit is clever & good at tracking fitness. The Apple watch is smart and entertaining, but it is quickly exhausted, it spends a lot more time on recharge.

  21. A good TIPS & TRICKS to save battery life: Don't use your Apple Watch.

  22. The Fitbit isn’t so good to me, for some reason most of the time the lock doesn’t even work, and it sometimes when I go to a app, it loads and the watch turns off before it’s completely loaded. The snyc is annoying,
    Whenever I try to snyc it doesn’t work sometimes and sometimes when my phone is close to my Fitbit when I snyc it thinks that it’s not even close to connection.

  23. I have an iPhone and I want a fitness trackers but I would love to get txt and txt back those are two main things I love the music would be great too so which would be better for me for the two main things I want?

  24. pls compare amazfit gts with fitbit v2

  25. So I'm on Android. Is the versa a good watch or should I go for something else? I'm a gym rat so I thoughts it would be a good idea

  26. Did I miss a comparison of the heart rate and step sensors between the two? I want this watch 100% for fitness tracking and would like to know which one is better. Messages, phone calls and the ability to play music does not matter to me.

  27. Great review thanks for your effort.

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