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  1. I have not found a video yet talking about compatibility. Is Fitbit working /sinking better with an iPhone or an android?

  2. With the Versa 2, if I tell Alexa to play a song and I have my spotify connected to my ear buds will it play that song through my earbuds?

  3. No right now the FitBit is 150 and I am getting one on upcoming Christmas

  4. One thing he failed to mention is with the charge 3 you can’t set alarms on the device, you can only do it with the Fitbit app which is kind of a pain to set an alarm each night & sync it whereas the Versa 2 you can set alarms straight from the device

  5. I purchased my charge 3 March of 2019. I'm currently on my 3rd charge 3. I hate it! It kept breaking down. I call Fitbit and try trouble over the phone. When all failed they will send me another one, but eventually it breaks down. I will say I had no problems when I has the Charger 2. I will try the Versa and see.

  6. FIRST OFF READ NOTIFICATIONS PROBLEMS PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT , TONS!!! … it toke me 2 days trying to sort it out … in the end i GIVE UP and just return it and got an RM 800 samsung galaxy who impress me more than i expected and yeah i payed almost the same

  7. Using my versa 2 at school I can get around 10 days on one charge

  8. I had lost my Charge 2 and was going to get the Charge 3 while on sale, but now I’m looking at the Versa 2. This changed my perspective, thanks!

  9. my versa 2 lasted a whole week

  10. Wish he did some topics on the sleep monitor function. I really hope the versa 2 has more consistent readouts.

  11. Mine did not work, no warranty.

  12. Had a charge 3 march 2019, 6 months it started to not respond and flicker screen, they sent me another one and it did the same thing by this month so I just took the 50 percent off warranty and bought the versa 2. hopefully it lasts.

  13. You're a little misguiding when you are talking about the button being a shortcut to Amazon Alexa, that button is customisable to choose which app you want to be your quick shortcut. It's not specifically Alexa

  14. I have the charger 2 and I can go swimming in it

  15. I looked at both of these and decided on the versa 2 as it has the features I want.

  16. The Fitbit versa 2 is too gaudy and attention drawing for me. A thief may mistake it for an Apple Watch. I like the charge 3’s thin, simple band without distracting apps & extras that I really don’t need.
    Edit: Music storage would be a great feature on the charge 3

  17. I've had my charge 3 since September and I love it.. you helped me love it even more 🙂

  18. which ne has more accurate HR?

  19. Yeah my problem with the charge 3 is that there’s a lot of malfunctions with it, tons of people have reported that their broke once they got it, mine didn’t even turn on when I first got it, I had to call and get a replacement

  20. Is the versa 2 able to play music without your phone being nearby?

  21. Got the versa 2 at Verizon for $50, it was a glitch and my order went thru!

  22. Hmmm maybe I’ll wait for the Ionic 2

  23. I go Riz when I’m gonna buy anything lol

  24. Any news about a new Fitbit Charge 4?

  25. Anybody knows if the versa 2 counts steps better than the charge 3?

  26. Very informative, your video helped us pick the right Fitbit that will work. I'll let you know what the wife thinks after she wears it around. Thank you!

  27. This was a helpful review. I would have originally gone with the charge 3 but Im in the military and I use my watch (from walmart) every single day. We are only allowed to wear 1 device on our wrist soooooo versa 2 it will have to be.

    Edit: I could probably still go with the charge 3 and just use my phone for time. Does the charge 3 have a stop watch? I need that capability.

  28. Thanks for the review. You stated everything I was thinking. I don't like big bulky watches, but I went ahead with the Versa 2 anyway. We'll see how it goes, as I ordered store pickup and haven't picked it up yet. Great deal at Kohl's right now. $149 with $45 Kohl's cash, $5 Kohl's rewards, and $9 cash back shopping through Rakuten.

  29. Is versa 2 a good buy for 100$

  30. Versa 2 is on sale right now at Fitbit, Macys, HSN a lot of places. $149.99

  31. No gps. So sad

  32. I am an active girl who is into fitness and with my daily routine Versa 2 will be a good addition to my life BUT I have a very small wrist and I think Versa 2 is kinda bulky to wear on my small wrist compared to Charge 3. But I really love that Versa 2 can play Spotify, it is such a good addition than Charge 3. I'm kinda bit stuck now.

  33. My original Fitbit versa was a bad watch. It kept crashing every 6 months.

  34. Your review suxs and did't help for shit if the review was neutral.

  35. The versa 2 seems like a good fit for me

  36. Charge 3 bc of price

  37. Thanks for this video. Could you please show how the versa 2 fits on the wrist. I want to be sure that the screensize wont be too large on my wrist

  38. These fitbits are pretty cool…great 143rd fit bit video-Holy videos!

  39. I currently have the Charge 3, it is an amazing product but is very plain… But it has all the features that someone would actually use or need! I'd love to get the Versa 2 for the apperance, and color, but it's basically the same of what the Charge 3.

  40. Do I need to pair Charge 3 with my phone to track my activities? I use my bluetooth headphone connected to my iPhone to workout, so, will I be able to connect the Charge 3 and the wireless headphone to my iPhone?

  41. I'd prefer a smartwatch, like the Versa 2. I think it's worth a little more money.

  42. The Versa sucks.. Im on my 3rd versa due to the screen blacking out.. All this under a year warranty. Switching to charge 3! Hopefully I will have better luck.

  43. Fitbit is trying to find a buyer…. what now?

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