The Fitbit Versa is a product you really need to use to understand. Seeing it on the screen or in a pamphlet, it’s natural to draw comparisons to the Apple Watch, or even to the old Pebble Time. Not being a fan of square watches or big bezels, I didn’t find a lot to like in the Versa when I followed its unveiling from afar. But when I took deliver on my review device and slapped it on, its featherweight build made me forget all about the casing design … and its excellent endurance…

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  1. 3:56 who uses a laptop on your lap when a table is right next to you

  2. Has anyone had problems with this watch? I have only had it for 5 days and it does not always sync. I have tons of problems with it. Do I have a lemon? I would give it a very low score. Is there a smart watch that does work perhaps from another company? So far I want to return mine and never wear one again and that saddens me. It works like I would expect a 20 dollar watch to work.

  3. Extremely unreliable. Mine last 3 months. Worst of it is any information it give of your fiscal activity is wrong. 100% wrong.

  4. I love how you are straight to the review. Thank you.

  5. I've just got one (Versa 2). It's great. The Ionic would be more useful, but it is too heavy. I can hardly feel the versa watch on my wrist. P.s It doesn't register my typing, but it registers my toothburshing.

  6. I got the versa 2 and was worried about the square shape and size on my tiny wrists, but it's really not that bad at all! only issue im really having is with the placement.. my wrist is boney, and the back of the watch is pressing right on the bone constantly and can be pretty uncomfortable.. 🙁

  7. I always watch you for entertainment!?

  8. My Pebble Time died…so this might do nicely

  9. I had it for a week and I am returning it because of connect GPS issues. It disconnects and stay "connecting…" for most of the time ure exercising.

  10. daddy mobile i love u

  11. What's a good alternative for the versa if you have android phone

  12. Some phones aren't even supported like the LG G4 or the Redmi Note 7.

  13. How is this compared to Samsung Galaxy Watch Active?

  14. AOL IM 🙂 Nice touch

  15. Shaka when the walls fell!

  16. I like that Pebble stainless bracelet lol I've honestly been looking for a reason to keep my bracelet as well.

  17. thats nowhere near the apple watch

  18. wow 4 days! so you still have to carry the charger wherever you go.

  19. Enjoy your spot on reviews. Mr Mobile is my go-to review for your topic coverage.

  20. Great review! I'm tempted to get something like this in the future though I have the Samsung S10 and maybe the Galaxy Sport Watch might be better… but your reviews rock man!

  21. Fitbit Versa or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active? ?

  22. I like it but the android compatibility is a joke.

  23. Hi, Compare to ionic, which one u think is a better tracker? Looking for something to track my swimming n run. The ionic interface is sluggish, does it improve in versa?

  24. I love my versa. Does every thing I need and has improved my workout life immensely.

  25. Michael FISHER!!! I literally spit my coffee out laughing when you said "FIre up AOL Instant Messenger"!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! HIGH-larious! ???????

  26. What watch face is that you using in the cover of this vid ?

  27. lol what the hell is a "spinner"???

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