A week in San Francisco with Fitbit’s latest smartwatch shows a better design, with a few drawbacks.
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  1. you literally dont have to call people on a watch I think people expect way too much tbh

  2. Voice is distorted ?

  3. I have a Versa and love it.

  4. Does it count cals burned all day or just during exercise

  5. W.r.t. your below reply & mail received, as instructed again for troubleshoot, i reset my device to factory settings. Started using it again from today morning & see what happens again.

    For climbing just 1 floor (approx 12 steps upwards), the watch have ridiculously taken 11 Floors. Completely disgusting. Also, for walking just approx. 400 steps, my husband walked all the way with me having his Samsung SmartWatch on his wrist, my watch showed approx.1700 steps. His watch has taken exact calculations around 420 steps & 1 Floor.

    What else do you want me to do? How many more troubleshoot do I need to do? You guys have been wasting so much of my time since last 1 month giving some another troubleshoot way in every next mail. I am just totally fed-up frustrated with this watch. Extremely irritating, seriously. Kindly change the watch now. Its totally fake.

  6. FitBit is great but Pebble is still the best. End of story.

  7. Those bezels though..

  8. I think it is cool that it has gorilla glass

  9. Hard pass, Google black/blank screen of death for the fitbit versa or visit fitbit forums. Amazon and Best Buy blocks negative reviews so those 4 star ratings are not accurate. Best buy lost my review and amazon said too many reviews received yet they are still posting the positive reviews. People have a right to know the positive and negatives about the device. Mine died after 4 months and customer service wanted me to mail mine in for service. (4 to 6 weeks without a fitbit) .UMMM you guys don't have a repair center. I've never heard of fitbit repairing anything EVER …what a joke..No more fitbits for me…ISSA NO!!!!!!!!!!

  10. First of all…you don't know people that use Pandora? Second, side loading music is not a pain. It allows you to leave your phone in your locker at the gym and really focus on your workout.

  11. I love working out with this watch and it’s totally awesome.they say if you don’t use it you lose it so I hope I’m a little bit more active more than most 45 year old men

  12. I gave my mom one of these watches used and she likes it

  13. The audio sounds AWFUL. Where did you test this wathc

  14. "It has sleep tracking…to remind myself how little I sleep I'm getting" hahaha

  15. I don’t want to get then..

  16. Do you mean to tell me, that this Fitbit Watch is geared towards FITNESS?



  17. "at $200, its not that expensive". My Pebble Time Steel watch cost far less that this thing and is a far better smartwatch. Fit Bit isnt even trying.

  18. Still bring smartphone if running outdoor? Is this gps smartwatch like garmin?

  19. What always upset me was that Fitbit acquired Pebble and killed it without coming up with a suitable replacement. This is a suitable replacement. And they just gave me $30 off this model for being a Pebble owner. They're saying all the right things.

  20. Ugly display size, the bezels are terrible

  21. You don't know anyone who uses Pandora?

  22. Strange how you conclude it’s the “best fitbit out there” when the versa doesn’t have GPS, ability to answer/decline calls and built in contactless payment (unless you get the special edition) like the Ionic does. That’s why it retailers cheaper than the ionic. Definitely not the best fitbit out there.

  23. Did he say no one uses Pandora? Lol
    Do people also not use Facebook?

  24. My iOnic is better. I need GPS

  25. Unfortunately, after pre-order ordering the Versa I learned that I would have to disconnect the Ionic that cost me $299 only 6 months ago to use it! Fitbit doesn't allow you to use/swap it's two most recent & expensive products simultaneously like it's other devices. You have to choose one or the other. Since Versa is lighter I wanted to use it for the gym and wear my Ionic with leather band to work. But when Fitbit customer service confirmed this limitation , I was forced to return my Versa.

  26. Its a more high end to the huami amazfit bip, with better screen resolution and music player….

  27. I was about to buy right now, but not having onboard GPS is a deal breaker. I didn't realize it until this video. Also, I was going to buy the upgraded model, but my bank is also not supported. Thank you. I would have been disappointed and had to return it or wasted my money.

  28. "Almost out of battery" after three days. Having worn a Blaze for the last two years, I know that red bar can stay for a day. Plus, it all depends on the features you use and how much you use it. If you have worn it and tested everything on it, three+ days is pretty good. My Blaze would last maybe 4 or 5 days usually. I imagine the Versa is about the same.

  29. Fitbit Versa?

    You mean the Pebble 3.

  30. I think that garmin of all companies has become a good alternative for those coming from pebble. The screen technology in many of their watches is comparable to what the pebble time used and the battery life far exceeds watches like the versa. Might be worth checking out if you haven't already!

  31. Forgot needs to hang it up

  32. how much did Apple pay you to make this video?

  33. Pandora or Deezer I don’t know who uses those ???

  34. Wow you work while on vacation ???

  35. This is the first non-Apple Watch, that I really like. However, the lack of a microphone, GPS and NFC is a bummer. For me, Apple Pay, Siri, responding to messages by voice and text and GPS are amongst the most important features on my Apple Watch…

    The next Fitbit smartwatch might be a real competitor to Apple though – provided Apple do not advance their watch offer too much this year.

  36. This is NOTHING like a Pebble. Dont be fooled

  37. Man those air pods look stupid

  38. This review is so negative

  39. I want pebble time 2

  40. Fitbit is like saga genesis. It had its nice run and is still trying to hold on. I had a Fitbit hr and it fell apart in 9 months. My Apple Watch 2 is amazing and is still great even after a year. Fitbit won’t be around in 5 years.

  41. Frankly I don't know why 'reviewers' all compare to the Apple watch. I think people who are going to buy the Apple watch will buy the watch because it is Apple. They aren't going to be the same people who buy Fitbit's watch. They aren't inclusively the same demographics.

  42. Something tells me that Fitbit is still keeping its best card. Remember when they first introduced Surge? That's their first GPS watch followed by Blaze with connected GPS. Now, they came out with Ionic then followed by Versa. I could see the pattern there.

  43. simply not as good as an apple watch. fit bit is out dated now, sorry! good effort though.

  44. so basically a thinner pebble time 2 with worse battery life

  45. Samsung Gear watches are the best. This watch costs $200 but you can get older Apple watches for less that do more

  46. Wow…the pebble had a microphone…it still works too

  47. Why are you wearing tampons on your ears?

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