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  1. Customize your watch face then u can see ur steps on Watch face for Apple Watch soo

  2. Are you wearing 38 mm or 42 mm Apple watch???

  3. Where are you from? You accent is really pretty!

  4. Loved the review

  5. Great video, thanks for the insight.

  6. Can you put the link to where you bought your Apple Watch band? I love it!!

  7. This is why I have trust issues?

  8. apple watch: adults
    fitbit versa: children

    1.Children aren't allowed apple watches in schools.
    2. Fitbit is a fitness watch (adults just lay around)
    3. Why would a child need to answer phone calls? Their too young.

  9. Very nice video I also switch between IOS and android. I recently bought the Galaxy watch I kept it one day and I took it back is too bulky and I don't like any of the watch faces so I'm thinking about getting the versa so it'll make it easier for me to have a wearable when I switch from android to IOSI to have an Apple watch but there's no app to allowed to do anything on android

  10. Хорошая работа! А прогулки с Ириной ещё будут? )))

  11. часы это прекрасно )

  12. Check out this app ? … It pays for walking

  13. Давай лучше по-русски

  14. Привет Ирина!Лайк с моего канала!Удачи тебе и отличного настроения!

  15. Многофункциональные часики! Лайк.

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