Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch 3 Review 2019 (Best Smartwatch Comparison). In this video, Jeff covers everything you need to know about the Apple Watch 3 vs Fitbit Versa. Overall, Jeff thinks the Fitbit Versa is the better fitness watch while the Apple Watch Series 3 is the better smartwatch. The Fibit Versa multisport watch is cheaper, is better when it comes to activity tracking and has a more accurate heart rate monitor. The Apple Watch 3 has a leg up though with its built-in GPS and…

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  1. Another in depth comparison video, Jeff and crew! I still like my Samsung gear fit 2 smartwatch. ?

  2. I think Fitbit is better

  3. Not worth the money at all, screen is like a glass very easy to brake, the edge is made so you can easily brake it. Try to replace the screen afterwards good luck with it.
    Apple just want our money they are the most greedy company I know. Your choice but I would stay away of apples products.

  4. Can you please do Apple Watch series 3 Nike plus vs Apple Watch Series 5 Nike plus vs fit bit versa please

  5. Fitbit sucks Apple Watch ⌚️ better

  6. Apple is better than Fitbit

  7. I have never gotten more than 1 day on the Apple Watch

  8. apple watch series 3 is now 199.00 just 30 dollars more than the versa non cellular

  9. $330? You mean $279, and there on sell for $200 all the time.

  10. U already know he prefers Apple cuz he is wearing one even while he reviews the versa on a separate vid

  11. Him: I recommend the Fitbit Versa
    Also him: wears an apple watch.

  12. Apple watch can only pair with iphones but fitbit versa can pair with all phones. This is why fitbit better.

  13. Don't buy the Versa. Fitbit warranty is really crappy. Unless you buy from an authorized dealer, they will not honor their warranty. The strap is really poor quality. It broke on me and since I did not buy my Fitbit from an authorized dealer they would not send me a replacement.

  14. I own Apple Watch 3 and a Fitbit blaze. I love them both. My Fitbit is 4 years old and still working.

  15. I can’t get the gps on my versa to work! How did you do it.

  16. I first bought the Versa and loved it! I wanted it to work so badly, but unfortunately ended up returning it and getting the Apple Watch because of the GPS. The Versa’s main problem (not to mention the main reason I bought it) is that it loses connectivity with GPS. I bought it to record my hikes and bike routes and so I could have real-time speed and distance. The Versa did great for the first hike, but never worked after that. People need to know that’s a huge problem!

  17. I disagree. I’ve gone through 3 different versions of the Fitbit and the heart rate reading are 100% inaccurate along with the calorie count and flights climbed. The heart rate monitor once told me my BPM was over 120 while resting. It told me my average calories burned was over 2500, again, not right since I usually burn around 1500-1750 calories a day. And, finally, the Floors climbed is the furthest thing from right. It keeps telling me I am daily climbing 20+ flights of stairs per day when I actually literally counted out my flights climb. I have the  series 4 right now and just upgraded from the series 1. By far, Apple

  18. My fitbit has 1 week of battery life.

  19. Lol. 420k subs. Lololol

  20. Riz,
    I’m looking for more of a smart watch and not so much a fitness tracker.. any recommendations?

  21. great info for me the apple open water swim feature!

  22. Can apple watch work with samsung cellphone? Is it worth it to fix an apple watch that doesn't turn on? Does it need unlocking in order for me to use it with a samsung phone?

  23. Do you have a full review on the Fitbit coaching? I can’t seem to find any good videos and that was one of the things I think I like about the fitbit over Apple Watch

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