Probably the last Fitbit Versa comparison video for now but I wanted to go deeper into which device is best for different situations.

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  1. Any chance to update this review with versa 2 in 2019. They're both around the same price arrive 199 USD.

  2. Fitbit versa ?????????????? Nothing goot in it! Absolutely shit.

  3. I had an Apple watch 2 until recently. I just didn’t like the fact that I had to tell it what I wanted it to monitor every time. My fitbit Versa I set it one time and it consistently monitors what I want.
    The size of both is comparable. So far I am liking the Fitbit Versa best.

  4. About the GPS I think if you out for a run you should carry your phone at all times if something happens to you , you want to have your phone with you

  5. I got both apple 4 and a versa I like the 4 day battery life on the versa but I like saying hay seri on my apple 4 watch for information and location

  6. Not sure what to decide unless you are trapped into Apple's ecosystem and want a watch that has battery life more than a day. Apple watch only works for Apple while Fitbit will work for Apple or Android. Fitbit has way better battery life and I've compared the heart rate with my Polar OH1 and it is pretty right on. Not sure even how Fitbit does that. That said the music controls for Fitbit is horrible. They clearly haven't gotten that right and lack of third party apps is miserable compared to iOS.

  7. I am an apple lover all of my lectronics are apple but I think the Apple Watch is better like if u agree

  8. Versa worst While driving it show step count and its on table is showing heartbeat, pls don't buy this wast of money wrong information gives all

  9. comparison of Fitbit versa vs Galaxy samsung watch, price is same

  10. Apple Watch health and exercise is better so well that’s it Apple Watch is better GET IT RIGHT YO and Apple Watch water resistance is about infinite times better than versa

  11. Fitbit junk lol what that’s idk just another common copy of Apple wathc

  12. Great info buying the versa today have the blaze now but was thinking about an apple watch however after this versa fitbit al the way!!!!!!

  13. Do you want more cellular radiation on your person anyway? At least with the FitBit you don't have cellular communication attached to your wrist. Plus, who wants a monthly service charge, lol?

  14. Love the Apple experience (had it for 2 years), but Versa looks more fitness friendly and sleep features look fantastic!

  15. I have pandora on my Fitbit versa and it works great.

  16. Apple Watch is over priced, Fitbit is really good

  17. Has the fitbit got google assistant

  18. The Apple Watch requires an extra payment plan if you want to get LTE which is about $10 a month on top of whatever outrageous price your iPhone already costs. I feel it pointless to get an Apple watch with LTE because then it brings up the question of, "why do you even need a phone?" I personally have an iPhone and would love an Apple Watch just because it falls into the ecosystem and works so well with one another, however, I am going with the FitBit because of the exercise tracking quality as well as the heart rate monitor.

  19. I am in the same boat. Bought both last week and am deciding which to return. The price difference is $100. AW can do so much more, but i have been using Fitbit charges for years and am used to the app and sleep tracking. If I keep AW, will probably buy AutoSleep. Versa glass seems to scratch more easily, but I prefer how it fits on my wrist. AW is heavier and bulkier with bulge on back. Versa notifications are small and no good calendar integration. So hard to choose!

  20. I have a fitbit versa and one of the things i absolutely hate about it is that the watch straps pop off all the time and its almost impossible to get them to go back in. Also I have never been able to get the gps to work on bike rides even when i have my phone. The buttons get in the way of workouts and I don't think it tracks calories very well. I did an hour long boxing class and it told me i burned less that 200 calories which is way off because boxing is really hard and I was drenched in sweat.

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