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  1. Why would you spend all the money on a damn Fitbit ??‍♂️??‍♂️ just get an Apple Watch ⌚️ plus your able to call and receive calls on the Apple Watch and has a lot of options for apps your mom is scary ? if your full into fitness get a Fitbit if your more into iPhone and just all around good smart watch get a Apple Watch ⌚️

  2. I have the Fitbit and I can’t stand wearing it. I just got it and I had to take it off today. I’m not a fan. Maybe I’m old school. I’m 30 years old and I got it as a gift. I wish the Fitbit was a necklace instead a watch. I don’t care about the time. I have my phone for that or a normal watch.

  3. Hell yeah Sacramento ??I’ve had the series 4 for a bit over a year and love it, I upgraded from a series 0.

  4. Apple Watch is in 6th iteration and STILL has a 12-15 hr battery, making it useless for travel unless you carry a bag specifically for chargers.

  5. Well, thanks for uploading this clear, smart and objective comparisson. Helped me out! Greetings from The Netherlands.

  6. So disappointed in the Fitbit versa2. Both my husband and I got one for Christmas. We have been using them for about a week. The step tracking is so completely useless if you are serious about fitness. My husband drives truck and he can log 20000 steps just sitting in his truck. Check out Fitbit versa forum and you will read comment after comment about how terrible it is. Fitbit only response for 2 years is: “ thanks for your feedback…. maybe you can try a idrive app and which between driving and steps.” SO disappointed!
    Checkout the forum before you buy

  7. This definitely helped me keep my Versa 2. I was itching to buy an Apple Watch mainly for the feature of replying to texts and answering calls, but the battery life IS amazing, I can not lie. That’s the deal breaker.

  8. When I got my first Fitbit I tried to cheat the system by running on the spot for 10 minutes and it didn’t work…

  9. I really really wanted to use Apple Watch. But after buying and returning the last three versions I gave up and got a Fitbit Versa 2. The Apple Watch kept asking for my passcode due to my wrist tattoos.

  10. 5:35 is funny ??? made me subscribe asap this made my day ????? pls see it for urself 5:35 watch it from 4:30 to get joke????????????

  11. I love the Fitbit Versa because it has long battery

  12. Dude the fitbit overestimate ur steps and calories burned. Like I would wake up and it says i burned 635 calories and its ON MY NIGHT STAND DURING THE NIGHT. Or I can be on a chair and swing my arms around and it counts as steps. If anything the fitbit is inaccurate and it makes u thinks ur more active then ur actually are.

  13. And he didn't even say the most important fact which is . Apple watch supports only iOS. Whereas fitbit does support both iOS and android. I don't use iphone . So are you saying I should get an iPhone because of the apple watch's credibility over the fitbit versa?

  14. Does anyone have issues with the versa lite? The thing counts every movement as steps.

  15. To be honest I think the fit bit is better if you don’t have a iPhone but if you do I would overall pick the Apple Watch.

  16. Yeah but the Fitbit is way uglier than the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch looks clean. I hate that the versa says Fitbit on the bottom of the screen that makes it look cheap

  17. I have an IPhone 6s…can I use the Fitbit Ionic to link with the phone?

  18. In my eyes, the Fitbit looks so much cheaper… hate the look. If the apple watch could work on Android I would have gotten one a long time ago. In my eyes, the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS looks better and is cheaper than both.

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