Out of the 20-30 wants for laptops I chose these 5 for fun. Two that’ll likely happen, one that should but unlikely beyond a few and two that are far fetched but wishful thinking!


High quality Webcam
Webcam shutter
Thicker laptops for improved cooling
Prioritize CPU cooling
Maintain thermal efficiency with the lid closed
Bottom Panel redesign to prop the chassis up
4 usb ports instead of the typical 3
Windows Hello on more thin and lights
Cleaner designs similar to the MAG and…

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  1. just got my Aero 17- very nice- not real sure if Killer Controller Center is all it's cracked up to be; any comments?

  2. Looks like your bigger battery want is actually coming true at CES 2020!

  3. "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best laptop cooler scafe.shop/tblc2020?Jh hope it helps you out too!"

  4. Bob I appreciate your dedication to review low-key amazing products. It's amazing how you pay attention to every comment too. Keep up the great work!

  5. Do you know if Eluktronics will have any new chassis in 2020?

  6. for me, id love the option of not having a webcam or microphone at all, we have enough surveilance devices around us. also more m.2 slots, 3 in 15 inch laptops and more in 17 inch would be great.

    some properly good AND well place (up firing) speakers would be amazing as well.

    that and all your points, though AMD is pretty wishful thinking. intels strangle on laptops is pretty serious, and for AMD to break into that would take something undeniably better, like zen did to desktop.

  7. Excellent speakers, Apple have shown it can be done.

  8. MUX for gaming laptops, more laptops with G-Sync/Adaptive Sync options, UEFI BIOS with more tweaking and options to end user including XMP support or manual memory tweaking, better cooling for CPU, beefier cooling fans, better heatsink, no more flipped motherboards for easier access to tune and maintain. My list could go on and on.

  9. are you a satanist ? i think you are, since you do satan's will

  10. My predictions for what will actuall be implemented.

    1. 2 m.2 slots
    2. bigger battery that takes up hdd slot
    3. 144hz standard

  11. my wish list
    1. 2 m.2 slots
    2. Bigger battery by removing the hdd
    3. Max fan button.
    4. 144hz display
    5. Thinner with better cooling
    6. webcam at top
    7. numpad with full-size 0 key

  12. What about alienware at ces.
    Will they make a new laptop with 32gbs ram option and bigger battery too.

  13. – being able to set fan speeds with hardware keys, and more than just toggling between auto fan curve and max RPM — I dream of having an actual dial, or one of those roller things you sometimes see for scrolling or adjusting volume to set fan RPMs

    – fewer ports on the right side but more on the left and rear; to the right of the laptop is where the mouse goes

    – flip-out feet to prop up the rear of the laptop for improved airflow

    – proper keyboard layouts

    – speaking of which, there is no reason why a 15" laptop shouldn't have a numpad, and a 17" laptop without numpad is just insulting

    – additionally, a proper numpad has a double-width zero key below 1 and 2

    – smaller touchpads; 99% of the time you're using just one or two fingers for clicking and scrolling, so there's no reason to have touchpads the size of football fields, especially in a world where mice and touchscreens exist

  14. Great list you got there. As for me, I travel a lot so I use my laptop as a desktop replacement, and the biggest problem I had when replacing my heavy Asus G751JY was poor thermal and acoustic performance of newer laptops. Why are manufacturers insisting of cramming as much performance as possible in slim chassis with dinky fans that as soon as you load the CPU/GPU they become as loud as a hairdryer?

    My number one wish would be for improvement in cooling and acoustics. Make the laptops a little thicker and put a couple of desktop GPUs blower fans on some beefy heatsinks.

    Oh, and some competition from AMD would be refreshing in this market.

  15. Hello, just touching up on the BIOS thing in the laptop. I have bought a few laptops and part myself but I also have done repairs.
    if I remember correctly. Doesn't most laptops have two little sort of pads you can trip to reset the BIOS?

    Also your eyes are looking better by the way.

    I'm really not convinced it is lighting.

    Because the way it has been slowly getting less and less black.

  16. Honestly I just hope somebody makes an really affordable laptop with good battery, screen, keyboard, and 1660ti for an affordable price since MAG-15 is 1600$ now, I hope time will make things a hair cheaper

  17. My list would be
    OLED FHD with higher refresh rate(4k seems like it would be more expensive)

    Ryzen 4000 to have more cores
    Mux switch on all laptops
    More AMD laptops (actually all 7nm) with freesync
    Different aspect ratio laptops more often such as 3:2 or 18:9 (to match phones)

  18. MUX ALL the laptops

  19. What I want more for 2020 laptop market:
    1. Factory applied liquid metal on CPU. HP already proved it's possible, it could pump up the cost a little but it will be worth it, people are getting used to running 90 degrees on CPU these days.
    2. Get rid of potato built in webcams and include a better externel webcam as a bundle.
    3. Voltage offset, power limit and completed fan control options in BIOS.
    4. Easily access, why do laptop manufactors so obsessed with clips when they already have more than a dozen of screws securing the back panel? (One of the reason I love my Scar III is that it's one of the easiest to open).
    5. 1440p 17.3 inch screen. We have 4K OLED option on 15.6 inch laptops, why don't they make 1440p panels? Modern high end laptops is capable of handling more than 1080p, but 4K is still too much. 1440p could be the sweet spot.
    6. More products with the layout of ROG mothership, affordable products of course.

  20. Good list. The battery bit got a chuckle out of me. I'd like you to be in a board room of laptop makers saying exactly like that. Like come on guys this is common sense. Stop F***ing this up. lol.

    Only thing I really want is better cpu temps. I think they have been sitting on this for way too long. I kinda get that when the hex cores first hit the scene they didn't have much to compensate and they just slapped them in existing laptops. But, they have had plenty of time to get the temps under control and they for whatever reason refuse to do it. Most laptops have great thermals on the GPU. So they can keep things cool.

  21. Dude, stop wearing sleeveless shirts in your videos please. Be more clean & professional looking like Dave2D. Your videos are still great though.

  22. Gigabyte aero 15 classic SA. There is no 144hz+1660ti. Variant at stock on Amazon nor Newegg. Do u know when will it be back in stock. ? And do we have any deals on Eluktronics mag 15 1660ti happening soon. I am interested in an H processor with good light chassis and good battery life any suggestions ?

  23. Sticking with my Y740 until I either get a desktop with the next gen graphics card or a laptop comes out that actually nails everything. Really tired of corners being cut.

  24. Right on Bob! Wish every laptop maker saw this video. I know as consumers, we don't have control what these companies do. I do feel like the more these things are brought in the public eye, maybe we'll get lucky and they take notice. The main things I would like most would be..

    1.) 80-90ish W battery option for every price range of gaming laptop.

    2.) Mux switch/g sync options on more laptops to get the best of both worlds for gaming and battery life.

    3.) Make laptops with foldable feet on the bottom that can prop it up for better airflow like on desktop keyboards.

    4.) Better speakers or speaker placement. If iPads can have amazing speakers, no reason a $1700 4.5 lb gaming laptop can't.

    5.) Better webcams. Not everyone uses it but my God they are all very substandard for 2019.

  25. I really would like a refresh of the 13R3 OLED.

    Comparing that little tank to laptops today. It's just a night and day difference in build quality.

  26. LTE SIM sockets in laptops for 'always connected' capabilities – especially when traveling overseas as data service is Cheap and available – unlike in the lame NA market where data is generally locked to phone service..

  27. A slightly thicker chassis in order to accommodate a more powerful battery along with the ability to accommodate swappable batteries would be appreciated.

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