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Fitbit trackers can be a pain to get working on Android devices, sometimes they just work, others times it is a real struggle to get the right combination of settings and toggles.

So, in…

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  1. This was extremely helpful thank you so much

  2. I don't have launch on my battery settings therfore it won't sync to my Xperia L1 pls help

  3. It worked. Followed your instructions step by step and the sync issue got resolved. Thanks a bunch.

  4. I cant find a battery thing on my samsung 9

  5. Thank you! It worked with my "Huawei Y6 Pro 2017"

  6. Im thinking this fitbit is a joke like i used to tell everyone..unfortunately i received one as a gift so of course im trying to just simply set it up and of course its rocket science..10 more minutes then it goes into the garbage….why i hate getting gifts

  7. Well that didnt work

  8. The bluetooth's been connected to my phone finally! But how do I download apps? It shows unable to connect to versa lite. Do we need anything else from bluetooth??I'm tired by this?

  9. I think it's the storage perimission that was the problem for me. Charge HR

  10. Very informative video. Didn’t solve my problem though. With my OnePlus 7 Pro I usually have to restart the phone every morning, sometimes two or three times!

  11. Thanks, you are awesome. That really help

  12. I'm not sure if this is part of the problem, but I am unable control music from my smartwatch. The Versa 2 recognizes that my phone is playing music, but when I go to start, stop, skip, or go back or try to control the volume, it doesn't do anything.

  13. How to do it on Xiaomi?

  14. i was so hopeful. my Samsung S9 doesnt have this launch menu under battery 🙁

  15. Thanks a lot! Great job ???

  16. Mine is a Samsung galaxy 10 Plus and I cannot find Battery > Launch :/ cod u help please?

  17. what the fuck is this shit? delete this video, you have an old ass android OS you fucker, this is well over a year old, you're confusing the shit out of people

  18. Thank you !! I have an Android phone but with Android 9 Pie not Oreo. I found and was able to do the first 2 of your 3 steps, but the 3rd with the battery I can't seem to find/don't have the launch feature on Battery section of my settings !! ?? Can you give me advice/help me with step 3 ?? I have a Fitbit Versa 2 and about to return because of syncing issues! Please Help Me !!!! ? I have a Motorola G7 Power cell phone.
    Bless you for sharing and helping others with this issue. ?

  19. I can't seem to find the right thing we're ur talking about the battery in the Google pixel 3, XL

  20. Hola Mike!! I cant find the battery control to switch to manually. My settings doesnt give me that option. Im using a S8. Please help!

  21. Super happy this worked. Was struggling for a year with my Huawei p10 connection issues.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  22. OMG, you're my hero! I bought the Versa 2 as a Xmas gift for myself and I was ready to throw it out the window! Thank you so much!

  23. Hi. I tried this but ran into trouble because I don't have a 'battery launch' function on my Samsung Note Fan Edition which is very much like the Note 7. I searched everywhere for something like it but was unable to find it. Are you able to help? Thanks

  24. I have a fitbit flex

  25. These things microwave your wrist ! How can that be good for your health ?

  26. I have a Samsung S10 and cannot find launch in the battery settings. Any ideas where else it may be located?

  27. How can I change the settings in my samsung j3 to make it run in the background

  28. Thank you! Worked for me!

  29. Hi how do I find where to change the battery settings on a Samsung Galaxy S9. I can only find battery in device care but I can't find launch. Thanks

  30. Hi Mike, thank you for the help at this stage I want to stand on this thing it keeps telling me with this red X data not cleared sync and try again. I'm hating this as I bought it for my husband Christmas gone and fitbit customer care are useless. how do I fix this before I kill it. martina

  31. Good video….I have versa 2 and MI A1 phone. I am getting all notifications but it doesn't show incoming call.I have checked all settings but it doesn't work.If I use other phone to sync then it works….could u help me out with the solution……

  32. Watched this vid and was super skeptical that it would fix my issues… Tried it and it worked!! Thanks for the advice, guess I don't need to throw this thing out after all!! ??

  33. Thanks for trying but it didn't help. Apparently my phone is not compatible or fully tested even though sometimes it used to sing but now it doesn't. Fitbit sucks. I will no longer buy one in fact I will probably Millennium is much as I can possibly do.

  34. Which permissions does it need I don't think it needs my contacts

  35. I used to not have trouble syncing but all the sudden started having trouble. Fitbit says that not all phones are fully compatible. It sounds like not many are fully compatible.

  36. So I got my Fitbit Versa Lite on not long ago, I factory reset it, it has to update again it takes a long time I mean it might be because I have a family who is also online and our internet is horrible, but not the best. Any suggestions or help?

  37. I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.. with Android version 9… still having issues syncing, my fitbit doesnt even want to sync with my iphone 6s, which is what I was using before and never had an issue… do you know if Garmin perhaps has less syncing issues?

  38. I was about to throw away my device man ….then I found this after working on it for 3 days ….man!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  39. Thanks, this helped me sort my notification problem from my huawei mate 20 pro to my versa 2 watch =]

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