UPDATE (January 22nd, 2019): We are seeing a lot of comments from people who claim they are still having trouble with HDMI output from Netflix.

We have just re-tested and currently observe no problems at all using HDMI output with the Netflix app to watch video – both streamed and downloaded.

But do keep in mind that Netflix only works with a genuine Apple HDMI adapter. Counterfeit adapters can not play back copy protected video.

Only Apple’s adapter supports HDMI copy protection, which…

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  1. Its 2020 this stupid bug still exist??

  2. It's not a bug, apps like Netflix etc are just encrypted when you screen share them and use a lightning to HDMi cable, but there are still some Casting devices that can play certain encrypted Apps

  3. 2020 it still doesn’t screen mirror

  4. How about Hulu and Disney plus will it work on my smart TV Samsung since I don't have internet just my iPhone

  5. jan 2020 still not working

  6. I'm not using an Apple adapter but can easily mirror both Youtube videos and my own videos. Nevertheless I'm trying to mirror Netflix downloaded contents and streamed contents from my iPad mini (iOS 12.4) but can only listen to the sound. Although your video is from 2017 and you say that Netflix is working to fix the bugs, we have just entered 2020 and the problem persists. Do you have an idea of how I can resolve this problem ?

  7. I have same problem with my OnePlus 6T. I am using Cable Creation adaptor from HDMI to usb type c. All the subtitles and fast forward icons are displayed on a black screen. Any help please?

  8. December 27 2019 not using Apple adapter but can’t screen mirror to my projector

  9. Have IOS 13 and still not working on Netflix

  10. December 2019. Netflix sound still doesn't work when using apple adapter with mini projector. All other apps work fine : (

  11. Still doesn’t work ☹️ December

  12. I just ordered it still don’t work

  13. I look at this product's reviews on apple store and a lot of users say it doesn't work, or worked for short time and stopped. These reviews were as recent as last month. Thoughts?

  14. i just experiance this and it really pissed me off. right now spectrum is down so i busted out my old lightning to HDMI adapter to connect to my phone and watch netflix that way. sure enough it does not stream giving me an error 303103 or something like that. when looking into it, i read you can no longer stream through air play or HDMI adapter. i remember doing this in the past and it worked great, now they took it away. i hate when things that used to work dont work anymore. i dont usually update apps because of this kinda stuff. i wonder if an older version would still work.

  15. Have they fixed it yet, tried it a little while back maybe six months and it would not work still.

  16. September 2019 just tried it, didn’t work

  17. For those with HDMI-based STREAMING issues, before you run out for a new cable try changing your TVs resolution. Some Macbooks have issues running higher resolutions to TVs. I changed my zoom mode to normal and the freezing is completely gone.

  18. For me the visual works, but there’s no sound

  19. August 2019 not working still

  20. JULY!!!! 2019 The Damn bug still exists.

  21. Summer 2019 still having this issue. Should I try and reinstall the app?

  22. For some reason safari not streaming Netflix.

  23. Get a note phone and you won't have to worry about this

  24. This bug still exists and it does effect streaming data. I tried everything and it blocks the the screen on the projector I am using when will this be fixed???

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