I don’t know if you noticed the difference in the audio in this one, but It was the same as the previous video, only I left it in stereo on purpose.

Previous vid:

Second Channel:

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  1. Hye dude what about a mic or microphone? Ye this give stereo sound effect but what about Mic?

  2. i think its great somewhat

  3. i just banged mine in the desk and it worked

  4. My jack is broken so badly! I dropped my iPad with my headphones plugged in ? AND THEY ARE ESPENSIIIIVE

  5. so dark i couldnt see properly

  6. dajiang china dongguan factory audio plug 6.35 5.2mm microphone plug factory http://www.plug-factory.net

  7. Thank you. I am came looking for how to fix a dslr mic jack. And you are fixing the very same model from Boya! Thank you.

  8. Dude, the commentary and editing here are fantastic. Totally subscribing.

  9. why is there almost no comments?

  10. Your soldering skills need to improve but your editing and commentary are 1st class 🙂

  11. I really enjoyed this video! Great tutorial and great editing :DDD keep up the good work boi

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