The Dell Ori is a foldable dual screen notebook that has some amazing features we haven’t seen yet. While its a concept at CES 2020, the Dell Duet is something a bit more final and boy is it cool, especially the way it handles a movable keyboard.

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  1. Both should have a kickstand, so they can be used as stand alone monitor as well.

  2. I like the idea of the first one, you can read while in your bed :), but the second has more features…. but still both ideas are awesome

  3. If they make it 360 degrees rotatable it will be the best laptop to buy and a big competition towards 2 in 1 laptops

  4. Wow, that second foldable is insane with that keyboard….!

  5. The first one to me seems super useless, I can't figure out any use case for it. BUT that second one as everyone else said is pure genius even though they did steal Microsoft's idea they added even cooler elements to it!

  6. the second one you showed is brilliant. I would love one.

  7. The DUET ROCKS. That is a great concept design.

  8. I would use the 2nd one. The first one is not bad, a portable tablet, but if they'd make it into a portable USB Type-C foldable screen with a battery included in it, that would make a lot more sense. I would really see myself using the 2nd one, that is awesome!

  9. we kind of have no trust yet on foldable screens, too soon to know that until it is of common use, the two separated screens look like something we like more nowadays.

  10. Nice to see a new face on a great youtube channel!

  11. Feedback: Don't make the name "POLED" a thing. It sounds dumb lol.

  12. I never felt interested in foldable phones but laptops with foldable displays feel like the future to me

  13. Cheap then it’s fine using it for day to day purposes or else I don’t think it’s a very good concept like laptops are even more better having traditional keyboard is mechanical switches so I didn’t find anything which is so good in this this mostly felt like a tablet not like a laptop it’s fine as a concept it’s good but not to use it in a day to day basis like to tell more precisely it’s likeIt’s more like a tablet than like a laptop to be precise

  14. Both look great!
    Wacom EMR for any stylii would be best though.

  15. So everyone is gunning after Surface Neo now.

  16. We are a grain of sand in the universe,
    but a grain of sand between the keyboard and screen, while sliding it, will ruin your universe

  17. Well I love the removable keyboard but storage is something I look forward to seeing the solution to, I would rather the full screen tablet from the start instead of 2 screens but there is no need for it to reverse for me. The only thing I care about in the full screen is feel and the joint, I would be willing to settle for a 2 screen model like the second model if the joint and screen is not up to my expectations, do not release it too early, the 2 screen version is ready now. ish. Thank you

  18. I would absolutely use this daily. In fact, when Microsoft showed off their duo laptops and the folding cellphone, I was all on board – especially with Android in there. Windows, I wold surely be on board as well. Especially in the right size form-factor.

  19. That second device is what laptops should have been for the past 5 years now

  20. Second one seems legit and bang on

  21. Second one is better By Far. If I'm using a device as a LAPTOP I'm not dealing with typing on a screen. The importance of a good keyboard is super important with how much either of these would cost with decent specs.

  22. wow, that's a great looking piece of tech (the folding display). I wouldn't have a need to spend that kinda money, but it sure looks fancy. The other one looks pretty great too, but I'd have even less use for it.

  23. I could kinda see people using the first one if it was at a reasonable price point but I think what Dell or any other manufacturer needs to at this point for this sort of product is develop their own custom 'Tablet mode' because what Windows offers is borderline unusable. I have been using surface products for years and to this day I still cannot get over how clunky and featureless it is.

  24. In both cases, I worry about the longevity of the devices.
    How long is that fold going to hold up to daily wear? Shove it into a backpack then take it on a motorcycle every workday for three years – is it going to take that? If you slap on that keyboard just two times a day for a year, how banged up is that lower screen going to look?

  25. The 2nd one is craaazy ! I can totally see myself use it. As a graphic design student I always wish I had à double screen on the go

  26. That second one is a stroke of genius! I can see myself using that on a daily basis. Hopefully it goes from concept to reality quickly!

  27. The dell duet was fantastic. As long as dell integrates LTE/5g I will get one.

  28. Put that keyboard on the smaller laptop/tablet and I'll buy it

  29. the second one looks really promising.
    I fear that i don't like the trackpad, i want to click my trackpad, i need haptic feedback
    if this is possible, then the first one is the logical next step imo, once foldable tech is really there

  30. The second one has a lot of potential.
    The first one not so much.

  31. Would be awesome if it had a hdmi input.
    Laptop/tablet most of the time, portable monitor when needed

  32. 2020 is already looking good for tech.

  33. 0:22 ummmm… excuse me?

  34. If you tell us that Ibra told you to get infront of the camera 1 more time. I'm gonna kick a puppy!

    Just present the product and your opinions about it. I don't care about your insecurities.

    Now get back in front of the camera!!
    Or else, the puppy gets it.

  35. No physical keyboard is a no from me, dawg.

  36. If they could slim the bezels down on the Ori? That would be kinda cool to have.

  37. When you showed typing on project ori, I realized how good it is for documents compared to my current laptop, because the most important part of reading and writing is the available unbroken vertical space. I wish I could more easily use my laptop like that.

  38. Person in video: "I would love to use this fullscreen laptop as a secondary screen". Yeah, sure.. but why not just use a normal screen as secondary screen? Anyway, 90% of the time I start typing on my computer I can feel the keys so I know I'm on the right ones. Here you'll have the same problem as we had when we moved from dumb phones to smart phones. typing got a lot harder and you need to look at the area where you type. Total dealbreaker and a step back, imho.

  39. I would want customizable areas for my palms to rest on and not click on anything when I'm typing

  40. Ok can we please stop with the Mike apology intro….hes doing a good job so give it a rest.

  41. The first one's cool, I could never realistically use it. The first one, with the keyboard solution from the second one, now that could be looked into. It would make it usable as a laptop, not just an incredibly stunning party trick.

  42. The second one will definitely help in productivity more than the first one, especially if the device can be held in a tilted mode.

  43. second one is wayyyy better

  44. I like the touch of glass. The foldable part of that device is soooo gimmicky.
    Give me the same thing, with 2 separate screen, glass on both. A DECENT PRICE. And I buy one.
    Pretty much a small version of the big one. Without the gimmicky slidable keyboard.

  45. its way to thick

  46. Actually something foldable that can have a good use.

  47. Wow!! I would totally use that foldable book. That is amazing!! And ps.. great job Mike ?

  48. I'd buy that second laptop IF it is a good surface to draw on. It would be perfect for drawing on the go.

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