The iPad mini 5 got a ton of new internals in 2019. Now sporting an A12 Bionic processor, a fully laminated display at 326PPI, and more! We parachuted into Fortnite to see how it played, how it handled 60 FPS, and whether or not it would be our go-to portable gaming device!

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  1. Save $10 on every 2019 iPad mini with coupon code APINSIDER (must use link)! ?
    Also available at Amazon ✔️
    And B&H ✔️
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  2. How much ur battery drained in 60 fps?

  3. Battery drains so fast playing this game:(

  4. I’m watching in 2020 but this really helped me to choose this iPad and I’ll be buying it in April I’m still saving money for it, I already have 140$

  5. Getting ready to buy a new gaming device for cash cups thanks for reviewing I will be buying it for sure

  6. Hey AppleInsider, I got curious about you mentioning the Digital AV Adapter for hooking it up to HDMI. May I ask if there's resolution lost? Or screen cropping? or lag? Inquiring minds wants to know! I am mainly interested in the official Apple adapters, not third party.

  7. Now i know what im getting my liitle bro for Christmas!!

  8. How many gigabytes is fortnite app

  9. My sister wants one for her birthday coming up ?

  10. I can’t get 60fps now I only have 30 on the same model

  11. im starting up a channel with it its sooo good

  12. My dudes tracking is insaaaane. He taps with a compact smg and its oppp, thats why they vaulted it: because of apple insider

  13. What controller do you use to play on the iPad mini 5?

  14. Fortnite loading match takes so long why does that happen

  15. Sir is it heat when we play 2to3 hours in row big game like pubg

  16. How many hours of active screen do you have playing from 100% to 0% load?

  17. Does this have Bluetooth and a headphone jack

  18. Hey does this work for streaming to yt and twitch

  19. What controler did you use ?,

  20. You said «do you like the mac mini » lol its iPad mini. Can’t even take you seriously…

  21. this is the idevice i am saving up for and currently i use my iphone se at 30fps low graphics wih the exact same nimbus control as i see you using in this video. thank you for this wonderful review

  22. Help me, I’m literally new to fortnite, I am using the mini 5 but I only have 30 FPS??? Whyyyyy?. Help meee?.

  23. Should I buy this for my birth day
    But I have my iPad mini 1 the one they don't update and crashes mostly everything right now

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