This is the Fossil Gen 5, or the Carlyle HR to be more specific . The company’s new refresh to its smartwatch lineup, which might look a lot like its predecessors but is not. Actually not by a significant margin. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and here’s our first look.

In the WearOS space, Fossil is the company I’m most interested in. They serve as an ODM for many other popular fashion brands that run wearOS, they’re also the company that’s kept the ball rolling with launches on the…

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  1. I've been wearing mine for a couple of weeks since my Gen 4 died the first time I jumped in a swimming pool…. So far I can easily get through a day on a single charge…I generally charge it up before bedtime. It would be nice if the watch menus were duplicated on the WearOS phone app…much easier to make sense of them that way.

  2. That is definitely not how you wear a watch lol
    You wear it behind your wrist bone so it doesn’t hinder your wrists motion

  3. How far can go from your phone? Or can you get a plan for it yourself?

  4. Really waste strap of this watch

  5. Does it actually work with ios

  6. I am at a period of time where watches have RAM and Storage

  7. Becoming a fan of Jaime. Good stuff! Never comes in with the HEY EVERYONE ITS YA BOI nonsense with sound effects. Just a nice review and I appreciate it.

  8. I want ittt I like the Google os and how big it is

  9. I just got this watch for Christmas. I'm beyond grateful and will wear it proudly

  10. Am I the only one who wants a smart watch so that I only have to change the watch face digitally and get a new strap to get a totally different watch?

  11. HIIIIIIIMEYYY RIVERAAAA the best name in tech!

  12. Put playback speed on 2x and listen to him say his name at :26

  13. How well does this watch integrate with iPhone? Any issues?

  14. Watch looks professional.. very smooth in software..but the acreen is not bright enough and battery life is not that great. Difficulty in connecting to Fossil app. It would be better.

  15. Good video, my only complaint is that you didn't go into more details into the battery life. You said it was not a full day, but you never said whether or not you had always on display enabled or the wake up gesture enabled, both of which I found to be massive battery drains on my Samsung Gear S2 Classic.

  16. Yes, would try it, but I'll give a chance on the Gen. 6. ?‍♂️

  17. I'm still disappointed with how these brands are faking the "full round" display by just insetting the active area to avoid the "flat tire" area that was present on the truly edge to edge display of the Moto360. The result is an ugly thick black faux bezel that they try to hide with black watch face backgrounds. Can't they locate the light sensor somewhere on the side of the case or even with a screen punch-out like on the newer Samsung smart phones?

  18. Thanks Jaime, do you have videos for troubleshooting tips, like what to do if does not vibrates? thank you!

  19. Hardware progress in the wearables sphere has been excruciatingly slow. As in really slow. That includes the Apple watch, too. The Fossil Gen 5 portfolio brings, 4 years after the launch of my previous watch, the original Huawei Watch, NFC for GooglePay, the ability to go for an occasional swim, built in GPS, a rotating crown, an additional push button, and the swiftness that 1GB RAM provides. Four years. The Huawei watch looked great, had a speaker, enabled taking and placing calls, and sapphire glass. The glass still looks pristine. As for NFC and Google Pay, where I'm located there's no provider accepting Google Pay on smartwatches, only for phones, so it's a may be a useful future feature to me, but isn't yet. The ability to go for a swim, equaling 10,000 strokes in two years, is really only occasional use. Even for excellent swimmers, swimming an average of 1-2 sessions a week, at a stroke length of 10 per 25m, would equal 6 lengths a session. That's a dip, not a swim. For a poor swimmer, using more strokes, even fewer lengths, or fewer times. Furthermore, after 2 years warranty is up. I like the software which is the reason I stay with Google, basically for the Assistant, the Keep app, and other apps not available on other smartwatches. Those four years of excruciatingly slow hardware development goes for the Apple Watch 5 too "oh, gee look, we have always on." Four years ago I thought by now I would have 10ATM, better HRM, more sensors, and 4G LTE compatability, plus at least a 36 hours of hard usage before the battery has to be recharged. Unrealistic, apparently.

  20. Any updates after 2 months? Were there any software updates to improve battery life?

  21. Does it work good with Iphone?

  22. If Anyone Has This Watch, Did Anyone Notice Any Kind Of Speaker Distortion While Calling Another Person

  23. It is so satisfying when the loading circle matches perfectly with the watch online in the thumbnail

  24. Doesn't look premium as Samsung active 2.?

  25. Great review Jaime!

  26. How much did fossil pay you to keep the dark theme during this review to hide the XXL bezel. You are deceiving the viewers.

  27. Anybody knows what the watch icon in the settings menu is for? It just puts my watch into sleep. Is that all it is there for?

  28. How much weight of ths watch?

  29. I like the cpu, memory and space, except for the battery. But why doesnt the screen take the whole display??? What is that about? And is there an alternative Wear OS watch that takes the whole display with the same cpu (3100), memory (1gb) and 8gb space?

  30. I'm looking for the companion apps. I can't find the app store on the watch. Can someone provide me a hint – thank you in advance

  31. Has the battery life improve yet?

  32. I just got a fossil gen 5 carlyle hr and even with extended battery mode I got barely 8 hours with all my notifications from emails, text, and maps. From your test, would I be better off returning it and getting a ticwatch pro 4g? I have heard and read The battery life is amazing and the performance is just as good (even with the order chip set). Or do I just ride it out with the news of the Google/Fossil partnership maybe giving a closer to perfect WearOS watch combination in the future?

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