The Fossil Gen 5 ‘Carlyle’ smartwatch is one of the best watches I have used. It is stylish smartwatch, rocking the snapdragon 3100, with 1GB of ram that really helps Wear OS runs smoothly.. but battery-life remains an issue.. Price:

I believe the Fossil watch is worth it, but only if you know the remarks and if you’re willing to live with it. So for now, it’s a really good looking watch that runs smooth and has many features. And as much as I like Xiaomi, a watch…

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  1. My New year's resolution is to downvote any video where the presenter begs for subscribers and hitting the notification button.

  2. I couldn't get a day out of it even on extended battery life. If you use it for anything more than I watch it dies quickly. This caused me to return it.

  3. Weet iemand hoe je ING-bankieren op dit horloge geinstalleerd krijgt? Ik zou graag mij saldo willen zien…..dat moet op een Wear OS kunnen maar ik ING-app niet vinden in de App-store van Wear OS

  4. Avoid Thai watch at all costs. The charging rings come of after 2-3 months leaving the watch unusable as it will no longer change. Support is beyond useless from fossil who deny the problem. Once the watch is sent back to be fixed the same problem happens again. This problem has carried on from the gen 4. I will never buy Fossil again.

  5. Wait till those rings fall off.

  6. How to download songs in gen5??

  7. Can you compare the Active 2 and Fossil Gen 5?

  8. Is there a voice to text feature? Is there a keyboard for texting?

  9. Does it support Instagram app, LinkedIn etc etc? Thanks!

  10. Please guide Fossil gen 5 or Galaxy watch ZTE?

  11. Hi Martijn,
    Sinds een maand Heb ik ook een Fossil Carlyle …
    Alles positief, enkel de Google Assistent geeft/heeft geen geluid.
    Mijn Set-up is Nederlands – België.
    Werkt dit bij jou?
    Mvg, Phil from Belgium

  12. Still waiting for Xiaomi/Google to release a WearOS smartwatch…

  13. For my wrists, smart watches are still too fat. This fossil watch does look good on your arms though. I really hope Google will step up their software game because all those fragmented systems from all other manufacturers are just frustrating.

  14. Great review keep it up as always

  15. Google's Wear OS.. Yay! or Nay?

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