Wear OS watches have always been a bit slow, but Fossil is looking to change that. In this Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch review we see how close they got.

Is this the best wear os watch available?

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  1. With Wear OS, Apple Watch, Galaxy watches and multiple generic smart watches, there are a lot to choose from!
    Which is your favorite?

  2. I`m using Huawei Watch 2 4G SIM Version and I`m happy with Wear OS

  3. needs to be said also that the Google Wear OS App consumes a LOT of battery in background on the phone. And in my opinion Google Wear OS in general is still in Beta Version, I experience a lot of OS problems on my Gen 5, including problems with Bluetooth connection that goes off sometimes and "Ok Google" is not working in other languages apparently (German in my case). I guess I have to reset factory it again and see if in English is all working

  4. Absolutely fantastic watch utter spoilt by wear os. So much so.i got.rid and went with watch active 2..which is also great but not as athletically pleasing as the fossil.5 or as fast and smooth but way better software experience. Such a shame as the fossil 5 gets the hardware side of things dead on par. Google , sort that pile of crap you call wear os out! It's utter garbage.

  5. All those specs mean shit when ur watch constantly disconnects from ur phone. Returned it immediately. I wanted to like this watch, I really did.

  6. Sent mine back crap at speaker calls.. all i got ws ehh eee.. ooooh… ahhh. but sounded great on music .. ? !! then I noticed it was a bit lagy when turning the dial it laged behind…. only thing it is usful for is NFC GPay .. sorry the software is just noit there yet and is limited…

  7. Can you add Pandora to the watch?

  8. You can't fool us, Hulk!

  9. Many had complained about voice breaking during calls..is it fixed now??

  10. Grat review! I hope the 6th gen will get the new snapdragon processor which is in works and the OS will be refined till then. I was hoping to see a Pixel watch but maybe next year.

  11. It's amazing what a difference a half a gigabyte of RAM makes.

  12. You mentioned version 3.. I just got mine and it's running version 2.1 and the battery is terrible.

  13. A cell phone accurately acquires GPS through a hybrid method using intersecting cell tower connections and GPS satellites to give a rapid location reading. Devices that do not use cellular signal rely only on GPS satellites to triangulate a position. Depending on ionospheric interference and satellite positions this can be almost instant or take several minutes, it is not unique to this device and will be a problem for any smartwatch you buy with built-in GPS.

  14. Had to scroll thru way too many videos to find this one that perfectly covers the important stuff. Good review. Thanks.

  15. Should I get the fossil gen 5 or Samsung watch?

  16. Honestly this is a really solid review. No extra bs as someone said before. Just you talking concisely about the pros and cons of the device. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  17. Wonder why they just dont use full blown android like Lemfo do and some of the other Chinese smart watches.

    The Lemfo does not use wear os, but full android 7.1.1 with sim card capability so they are basically a full smart phone on your wrist?

    Why does android not use full blown android on their smart watches? It's better than wear os as you can download any android app from the store.

    Think it's far more useful and better than wear os and before smartphones took hold on the west. China has been making these watches for years before and contain full android even with camera and most had and still enable you to install your sim card for less than half the price of say the ticwatch pro lte version.

  18. All reviews should be like this. Great job sir.

  19. he look like mark ruffalo and i like it… no homo tho

  20. Great review! Seriously. No bs or over talking. straight to the point. Thank you!

  21. My dude, I might have left the comment on the wrong video, but I’m way more than positive I left the comment in the right channel ??

  22. Can you show a tutorial on how you installed kdenlive I can’t seem to find out lol

  23. What about the speaker?

  24. I think if apple opened the apple watch to android they would sell a bundle or and kill of wear os.

    Apple watch is the best out there, so if it was made android compatible would get one in a heart beat.

  25. Fantastic review sir!

  26. To be honest I'm not a real fan of smart watches in general but this one looks like a really nice solid watch that happens to be "smart", I kinda dig it. Good content as always!

  27. Great alternative the Apple watch

  28. Is it possible for a Chromebook Acer 15 CB3-532 to transfer into a Window?

  29. TicWatch Pro has 1 GB of memory and EASILY can last 2 days without having to turn off features. As battery life goes, it's the best WearOS watch out there IMHO.

  30. I think the main problem with smart watches is people want a mini phone… I like them as they are.. I own the fossil gen 2,3,4 and 5 and love them

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