Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch – Snapdragon 3100 – Fastest Google Wear OS Smartwatch?
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1.3” inch AMOLED Display
Gorilla Glass 4
CPU: Snapdragon 3100
8GB Internal Storage
Bluetooth 4.2
GPS / WiFi / NFC
Google Wear OS
Heart Rate…

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  1. If you are getting the same sound again just turn off the bluetooth and on the bluetooth. This will resolve the issue it worked for me. This troubleshooting issue is there in the watch itself.

  2. Does anyone know if there is a multi-language keyboard for this watch? I want a English and Arabic keyboard. I couldn't find anyone. I'm returning it to Amazon.

  3. If you put screen allways on, in less than one year your amolet will be burned (old watch face shadows)

  4. is your speaker issue resolved??

  5. My new Fossil Gen 5 is also experiencing static on incoming phone calls.

  6. I would like Fossil. I will buy Fossil

  7. Had a Fossil gen4, now rocking a Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2

  8. Chigz, regarding the phone calls, you should press and hold the Bluetooth button from the drop-down toggle menu on your phone and make sure phone calls is switched on for Bluetooth. It should work then. I can now make calls and hear clearly through my fossil watch.

  9. Sent mine back crap at speaker calls.. all i got ws ehh eee.. ooooh… ahhh. but sounded great on music .. ? !! then I noticed it was a bit lagy when turning the dial it laged behind…. only thing it is usful for is NFC GPay .. sorry the software is just noit there yet and is limited…

  10. Thanks–you showed different things than many other video have, unique!

  11. Thank you for your complete review ! Is there a way to log into my twitter account with this watch ? Apparently Twitter is not supported on Wear OS and I can't find any third app :/

  12. Currently on sale for $219 directly from fossil and with code 9653422 you get $50 off

  13. I wanted to buy this smartwatch but I don't want to charge it everyday. Do you know a similar smartwatch that has a better battery life?
    And Can I do a google research or go on YouTube with this smartwatch?
    Thanks for your video.

  14. When my gen 5 watch gets disconnected with my iPhone it’s not getting paired again..every time I need to do factory reset for pairing my watch with the phone anyone has the same issue ? If so pls give me a solution

  15. I just got mine and have to say it's really nice. My only issue is that it does not live up to the 24hr battery life. I didn't use it much as work and after a 10hr work day I was down to 15%. Shortly after it's wanting to recharge. Other than that I love it.

  16. Yeah bt call issue is very annoying. I think its not yet resolved

  17. can we connect bluetooth headphone ???

  18. OMG… that thick black ring of dead screen space! Come on. All that to pretend not to have a flat tire like the Moto360? I'd rather have all the pixels instead of a fake full round display.

  19. If only the battery life was better on this…
    My quest for a decent smart watch continues…

  20. did you receive any comment from fossil about the static noise issue?

  21. Ticwatch pro 4GLTE ???

  22. Watchfaces looks realy cheap

  23. I hate the bezel on the face. Why dont they just put a full display, no bezels.

  24. 1.39" Fossil Screen … and a Huge recommendation, read the forum before making a Review. All the issues you set on CONS, are wear OS issue, that get solved on the 2.1 Version already available for download.

  25. I would have taken a deeper back like the Galaxy if they put a larger battery.
    I also would have liked the large buttons on the side to be much smaller. I feel I will be bumping them constantly once I get the watch.
    Lastly wouldn't BT 5 have helped the battery life slightly?
    My dream is for Samsung to make a wear is watch they have great hardware but lack of apps ruin the experience.

  26. 512 GB of RAM ??????????????

  27. Any update on the speaker issue? What did Fossil say about this issue? I have the same problem, Bluetooth calls not working.

  28. A nice watch but the large bezel destroys the user experience. The galaxy watch looks so much better.

  29. Will you please help me to get silicone stap for my Gen 5. I'm from india chandigarh

  30. Hi… yes same issue I'm facing.. voice is not clear on call

  31. Ya existe la versión en español?
    Y cuál es el precio de este reloj en dólares?

  32. I had bought the 5th generation Michael Kors smartwatch for my wife and the phone call quality was the same as this fossil, so we returned it. It might be an issue of the fossil group.

  33. I think i asked you before about the reminders on WearOS. Repeat reminders and one time reminders are horrible on the TicWatch. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't and they blame Google and Google blames them. Can you test this issue?

  34. Does someone know exactly how to download Music on this Watch?

  35. Can I get strava on this watch?

  36. Great review man, it's very helpful in my decision to get this watch!

    Only thing I disagree with is the statement about the Ticwatch pro getting two days… I've been using it for several months and I get almost exactly the life you mentioned for the Gen 5, right around 20 hours.
    To me it seems like the Gen 5 has everything I like about the Ticwatch Pro and improves upon the things I don't like. ?

  37. 1:04 : 512 GB of RAM !!!!!???????????? That's a lot of RAM 😛
    You certainly mean 512 MB 😉

  38. Can we talk on call through the watch?

  39. The same for me too with phone calls 🙁 … hope there's a fix soon?!

  40. Is Google Play Music or YouTube Music available?

  41. Thanks, excellent review!

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