Fossil just launched the new Fossil Hybrid HR a smartwatch that uses e-Ink with a traditional watch face on top of it. And since they sent me one for review, I figured I’d try and do a complete walkthrough on it for you guys.




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  1. How do I change the time, it’s incorrect

  2. That’s really nice but my Apple Watch is just as good too

  3. Is this watch made for intense training?

  4. Look nice…………….?

  5. can stopwatch (or timer) work in the background mode: e.g. you start timer then go back to home screen and check timer later? thanks!

  6. no scrolling crown, no go…

  7. I never learned how to red the hands on vinteg clocks.

  8. This thing is worthless as a sports smartwatch. Steps are thousands off everyday and I doubt if any of the workout modes are accurate. I wake up with hundreds of steps already registered and you gain hundreds more just sitting at your desk. The weather indication seems ok, but the only thing that works well is the constant HR and great battery life. I don't like wearing a computer on my wrist but I do expect the basic functions to work well.

  9. Quick, thorough review, thanks man


  11. The scratches on the watch already really discomforts me

  12. This or Apple Watch? Can I mimic the numbering and second hand on the eink?

  13. Just want to share that tapping on the screen for led light might not always work. I have found an alternative way that works most of the time. Tap the upper top right side corner of the watch. It works for me and we only have to tap lightly. Besides, it won't smudge your pretty screen 😀

  14. When your phone battery drops, does it still work, can you raed the time or does it just stop

  15. Is the "brown" watch in a black case? Is the eInk display brownish compared to the other black models?
    Is it possible to invert colors to black on white (like in the ladies edition?

  16. I used the promo code INTHEBAG for 30% off becuz of the black friday offer they have

  17. It's not a good sports watch. I bought one but returned it because the step counter was off by 1km compared to my phone apps, and you can't disable the heart rate monitor. Only get it if you like the aesthetic, but it wasn't as accurate and configurable as I needed so bought the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 instead.

  18. Dude how come you have to use this watch off the wrist and not on the wrist while you review. how comfortable is this to operate these features on the wrist.

  19. 1) Can I set up the face so it has no small circular subdials at all? (It seems like I can set it up with one only, at the top, which I suppose is fine).
    2) If I’m not at all interested in the heart rate monitor, can I use a one-piece nylon band that passes under the watch? (In other words, the band breaks contact b/t back of watch & skin)
    3) What is the range for Bluetooth? Can I have my phone 20, 30, 40 feet away?

    I ask the questions above because I want this watch for text & call notifications only, not all the other stuff. Not interested in an Apple Watch. This seems to have exactly what I want.

  20. Must be nice to sleep for 9hrs and 41mins????

  21. why isn't it available in Europe man

  22. "3ATM swim proof"??? What sort of rating is that? You do not weem to know anything about watches. You can wash your hands with a 3ATM rated watch, not go swimming. You have half a million followers, man. Think before giving away bad advice!

  23. You should NOT swim with a 3 ATM water resistant watch.

  24. I'm completlly new to Smartwatches. I am wondering, if the watch still shows the time if the battery runs out? I assume not though. I specificly would love to use a smartwatch (preferibly this one) for multimedia controls. I use the app united remote control to control my mediaplayers is running on my PC. Is it possible to control the app with the Fossil Hybrid HR? Last question is if there is a metronom app for hybrid smartwatches (vibrations to a set beat). Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  25. hey is that watch collider brown or black with brown straps?

  26. Apparently Fossil has plans to significantly increase the apps by year end per a website review.

  27. Very nice, reminds me of my pebble time. Just only wished it had a color screen.

  28. It looks pretty cool, I am going to wait for 2nd edition with lots of function added.

  29. And looks like a toy

  30. I have tried to find from what apps you can get notifications but I have not find it. Only that some people complains about limited support. Can you or anyone else here inform from what apps you can get notifications? This new watch is still not available in my country.

  31. Found it very confusing and difficult to use, the staff was not also trained properly, just connected it to my phone and said it works

  32. Does it count calories

  33. Does the dial change colors?

  34. Look Promising! ?

  35. Calendar schedule? As a Pebble user, it's the thing I still value from Pebble (plus battery life which this Fossil delivers on).

  36. It's already scratched up.

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