Fossil sent me their new Fossil Smartwatch Gen 5 to test out and so since I had it for a bit, I figured I’d try and do a complete walkthrough on it and go through every possible feature I could so you guys are better prepared should you be in the market to buy one.




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  1. Does it also show WhatsApp notifications and some kind of way to reply to messages?

  2. In the thumbnail, nice edit to make the watch seem like it has no bezels.


  4. i just got mine today , totally worth it

  5. Anyone that owns one….how does Google Messages integrate if at all? Looking for a notification as well as reply function from the watch. Active 2 is garbage as it forces you into Samsung Messages and I have a Pixel.

  6. Still waiting for the real world test/review on this!
    Any news on if its actually coming?

  7. What im doing here? I cant afford haha

  8. Does it track sleep?

  9. Hey does this watch' have a feature to view photos

  10. Did you ever do a full review of this watch?

  11. The customized faces you had in the video ?. I guess you can do another 10 minutes video on customizng faces. Btw can you share the battery life on daily mode? My gen5 seems to be not lasting a day with a full charge.

  12. 7 minutes and i still have now idea how long do they last on a single charge. Have i missed anything?

  13. It’s an alright watch. Thought it would have better features. Wish I could read my text or add my own photo to the face or better faces than the ones available. They desperately need an update.

  14. It's been 4 months, I doubt a real world test will ever happen 3:18

  15. Is this smartwatch worth buying instead of the Apple Watch for iPhone users ?

  16. Use promocode: “9653422” on Fossil website for $50 off right now! Carlyle and Julianna models both apply!

  17. So did they updated for iPhone users?

  18. This might seem like a silly question but I haven’t found a video on it yet…

    How do you add music to the watch? I haven’t seen a micro USB port on it… does it connect to a PC with the charger?

  19. I just bought mine yesterday. It was $205 on the fossil website and price matched to Best Buy. Good walkthrough.

  20. This is an overview, not a walk through

  21. This is one of these best reviews of these watches. I’m currently looking to buy my first smart watch. However, I’m stuck to decide from this or an Apple Watch.

    Can you please do a review video “fossil watch vs Apple Watch?

    And what would you personally recommend which smart watch I should get? I’m currently an iPhone user, but I don’t mind switching to a Samsung.



  22. Currently sucks big time on iPhone don’t buy returning mine tomorrow

  23. Why do you sound a lil tipsy?

  24. Can it work with the LG G6?

  25. Still waiting on that battery test…

  26. Does anyone know how to use the double click functionality of top and bottom physical button? And how to customise/configure them?

  27. Great os and features but battery is garbage. 8 -12 hrs with normal use. You can push it further if you turn all your features off….

  28. great thank you! it really helped me a lot! but what about when does not vibrate? do you have any videos like this?

  29. First video to go through the Gen 5 features. Bravo!

  30. i just bought the gen5… it was nice… battery life about 4h without setting anything… after some changes i could use it for 1.5 days without charging it… but the night came and when i woke up… no sleeping tracking on fit… i reseted the watch and again sleep tracking mode not working… i contacted Fossil… they told me to send the watch and wait for them to fix it for 1 month at least… so the watch is nor working 100% and the customer services… omg terrible…. no wonder why apple got a good futur… lol so disapointed…

  31. Hey I wanted to know how fossil gen 5 syncs with the iphones, coz I used gen 4 and it works horribly with iPhone.

  32. Does it support double touch ?!

  33. Great quick video! You covered pretty pick everything.

  34. When will the full review drop?

  35. Can we open our phone gallery on watcg??

  36. Is it possible to combine a HR band?

  37. I am in G4…do you think I should upgrade to G5 ? Considering new features and good battery? Please advise

  38. wow iny country is 400$

  39. How to Download Music on my fossil gen 5?

  40. do i HAVE to pair it with a phone or is it standalone? sick of all these companies making everything dependant on the phone

  41. That's probably one of the smallest smartwatch batteries out today!

  42. Can u please tell me if this is compatible for iphone..? And what additional stuff needs to be done to support it. I have iphone xr

  43. Not the most attractive looking smartwatch and the band options look a little tacky imo

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