Qualcomm’s Wear 3100 CPU doesn’t appear to deliver significant improvements yet.

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  1. It's a shit watch. Imprecise, slow and battery sucks. Wifi disconect a lot and screen doesn't ve time configuration.

  2. What is category for

  3. Can you reply a text on fossil sport?

  4. Hi, which watch is the one shows stress level in this video? Thanks ! Appreciate ! Also, does the fossil shows a four hour heart rate graph ?

  5. Did this review even mention anything not about the chipset? Like heart rate monitor GPS, etc? What idiot wrote this review?

  6. How long does watch mode last?

  7. Just picked up the sport after using the explorist for about 6 months. The sport is definitely faster. Not huge but it's smoother

  8. what is that bullshit about 18h for the AW 4? I get 48h including some gps and music playback

  9. Snapdragon literally say that there is no performance differnece

  10. SD2100: Cortex-A7, 28nm, SD3100: Cortex-A7, 28nm + Co-Processor. Google it's a shame on you, you can't push Wear OS when Qualcomm is pissing on the idea with it's old, outdated piece of crap called Snapdragon wear. 28nm on 350mAh battery.. ?

  11. What's the best Android smartwatch out there??

  12. Wow…. I mean if a smartwatch is supposed to get mainstream they need to last at least for 32 hours or else what is the point?

  13. I just want a beautiful smart watch..I dont exercise..so I dont need anything to track my heart

  14. Summit 2 (running on wear 3100) has battery life about 1 day.

  15. Why would she record this when she is sleepy/tired? Why not during the day?

  16. I cannot watch any videos with this reviewer. I’m still trying to figure out how she got hired.

  17. It’s a sport so why reviewers are not testing its sensors accuracy especially the OHR sensor.

  18. Where can I buy this, I can't find it anywhere

  19. Absolute epic fail for a review — the Wear 3100 is the same as a 2100…SMH.

  20. Its crap like every Android Smartwatch at this Moment, very horrable…waiting for Google Watch or Huawei Watch 3.

  21. Shame that it seems that I've read more on what the 3100 chipset was bringing to the table in terms of updates before watching this video than had been read in preparation for the production of this video and misleading review.

    – 3100 is same clock speed but adds a more efficient processor core to offload basic functionality. Why do a "performance" test and then be surprised that there's no difference?
    – Why would you expect to be able to re-enable smart mode after depleting the battery fully in battery saving mode, but then portray this as a shortcoming of the watch?

  22. I’m sorry to say, but that lamp in the background looks like a urinal

  23. When I rotate the crown, it doesn't move the screen up and down, anyone know why?

  24. Your lamp looks like a mini urinal ?

  25. A step backwards. Fossil is now using plastic in their watches and until the processor gets down below a 16nm size and Wear OS gets optimized battery life will not change. The SD2100 was supposed to be the first chip designed for wearables and it sucks. Fossil might want to look at how Samsung does software optimization in their watches to increase battery life. I easily get 3 days on my Gear S3 with a 380mAh battery where I would get a day or so on any other Wear OS smartwatch.

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