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  1. Your good I like this channel

  2. @lauren fiz
    Dis you geht my Mail?
    Masterclass in Germany…?

  3. Please give it to me

  4. Ooooooh what a great competition! I would absolutely love to win this Apple Watch :-))) I've entered and am keeping fingers crossed xxx

  5. I would really love this watch please tour vids are awesome by the way

  6. hello from to colombia

  7. your amazing your videos rock

  8. Love ur videos if i could win iwatch would mean alot to me can't afford one love ur style of exercise just got a tredmill to have a iwatch would keep up with my steps who calls and message and would mean so much because it would come from you love ur snaps and your YouTube videos so motivating and fun ur remind me of Jennifer nettles the lead singer of Sugarland she is so pretty! !!!!

  9. Hey dear,
    i did everything but where can I leave you common?
    I would love to host you in 2018 in my classes
    I live on the lake in Germany (not far away from Italy so you can come also).

    kisses from Deutschland

  10. Your Smile brighter than my future lol

  11. those circular light reflections on your eyes makes you look like an anime character 🙂

  12. When you attempted German I was in the middle of drinking water and got my desk wet. LOL

  13. Hi from Kansas! Loving the podcasts

  14. I subscribed as well as downloaded the podcast but I can't click on the link in the comments

  15. Hello.. Where are you??

  16. Say hi to Brasil!!!

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