PART 2 Of Game List Video:

Here is a list of games that I tested and are worthy for the apple watch. These are free to play games because IMO, there’s no point to pay X amount of money on a simple watch game unless it’s truly amazing. So until there’s one, free is still the best.

Apple Watch 4 – Best Apps You Need (Top 6)

2018 Apple…

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  1. Part 2 Video is up!!!
    Dope Gaming Apps For The Apple Watch – Vol 2.

  2. I only bought one because I was bored in class

  3. I just got an Apple Watch for my birthday yesterday and I love it. This video is definitely a huge help!

  4. Am I the only one that hates the look of the new series 4 and 5 ?

  5. So useful I found 3 games to play and can whenever I’m bored

  6. Gakaxy watch games are better just saying Jesus Christ is God repent and believe in Jesus.

  7. Within 45mins I got my boyfriend iwatch series 4 unlocked through
    willsontech7 on IG he is legit ??

  8. willsontech7 on IG
    Just unlocked my iwatch series 4 perfectly on an affordable prize he is legit ??

  9. I got my iwatch series 4 unlocked perfectly through willsontech7 on IG he is legit ??

  10. Step one : get a Apple Watch

  11. Thank you I am not bored anymore

  12. Who else doesn't even have an apple watch?

  13. Its fun for being in the back of the class and grinding out on pong lol

  14. There is only one game that actually deserves to be mentioned and it is “mind skeeper” it is a first person horror adventure game

  15. I’m downloading them…. ALL of them

  16. If you are finding games for school in the morning leave a like

  17. i buy a galaxy watch active 2 and my friend an apple watch series 4 we will play with it at school??

  18. Today we had to watch a vid and me and someone elsewere just sat playing on our watches lol

  19. We need an avgn apple watch hanes review

  20. Is this for series 3?

  21. I don’t know why I am here I don’t have a Apple Watch
    Great vid tho

  22. Who’s here in 2020

  23. Imagine trying to play Fortnite on an Apple Watch

  24. When I had to work in class, I was bored so I was playing a game with a classmate, the teacher wanted to take in my watch for the lesson. ?

  25. I have some of these?

  26. Just bought mine today. Thank you!

  27. They took Pokémon Go off of Apple Watch;(

  28. Can I play these game on series 1 or 3?

  29. The first thing I thought when I got the Apple Watch: has anyone thought about how this is a wrist screen and since we have this we might never get surgical way to get a screen to sneak in class?

  30. i don’t even have one why am i here

  31. funny how last year I was playing pong on my ti-84 calculator, and this year i’m playing in on my apple watch

  32. How do you download them on the watch though???

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