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The charging case with built-in 3300 mAh battery, it could recharge the earbuds 25-29 times and it can be charged automatically once the earbuds is put in the charging case. You get 4-5 hours continuous music playtime and up to 30 days…

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  1. Good video thankyou for that, Iam waiting for these headphones now from china.

  2. There is now cash on delivery option
    Baya plz tell me the payment is 100'/. Secured or Not
    I am going to buy

  3. 3300 but only can charged the earphone 4-5 times?

  4. Does it support Siri and g assistant

  5. does it support aptx ? hav any latency during gaming ? am lukin to order it

  6. They're anti-water?

  7. The bass not good??

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