Designed for creativity, built for versatility. Galaxy Book Flex gives you a brand new computing experience. Packed with game-changing features like S Pen, a world’s leading QLED Display, and Wireless PowerShare, this is the 2-in-1 notebook for the future. #GalaxyBook #ExpandYourGalaxy #withGalaxyBook

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  1. No apple Pencil
    Only SPen☑️


  3. Why cant i find this for purchase??????? I thought it came out already,does anybody know what website to buy it on,ive already checked samsung

  4. When is it gonna be a available in US?

  5. A metà del 2020

  6. Bellissimo quando uscira

  7. I wanna an actual review not a commerical

  8. we want this laptop in Saudi Arabia

  9. I what that laptop

  10. Can anyone please tell me its aspects. I'm confused whether we can install software like , Latex, maple, mathematica etc?

  11. does it have any camera?

  12. How much is this in Hong Kong dollar

  13. A better name would be NOTEbook fold 360, because of the name galaxy note 10+ and the word "Notebook".

  14. Please launch on Flipkart in India. Waiting for Samsung Laptop in India.

  15. Iphone cant beat samsung it on a high level

  16. I love that the pen can be used sorta like a remote! Does anyone know if the Dell XPS 2in1 has this feature too?!

  17. when will this available in US?

  18. I am here because of Eunjae Doctor Romantic 2 ?

  19. When it ll be launched in india… I want to buy it…

  20. S.pen is too small if S.Pen is good size and more feeling as we use real pen i prefer to get 1 . ( i love apple pencil )

  21. Sad that it won't get released in Europe (read it online)

  22. You took too long. I bought a macbook pro instead.

  23. nobody carries around their laptop like that, heck I never even have the need for one lol

  24. When is it going to be available to purchase in US?

  25. Why are they selling it already in korea and not yet in US ?

  26. When is the release date? I have looked for that information for so long yet can't find anything. Last I saw, Engadget said December 2019

  27. Samsung where's my note 20 and this flex book please release soon ???

  28. Which one is better MacBook Pro or Book Flex

  29. When will it get released?

  30. Is this a better purchase than the 2019 Matebook X Pro from Huawei?

  31. Me: I’m an Apple person
    2:42 seconds later me: uh I’m a Apple fan who also likes the galaxy flex book…

  32. it's fine but but what i want is Galaxy book flex; duo screen so that i and my partner can watch from the same laptop but different side. thank you so much. Cedric

  33. Yeah but that logo though!! Yuckkk

  34. Que llegue el Galaxy book Flex a España!!!!!!!

  35. Samsung is the best, no competition

  36. Лучше развивайте Dex.

  37. I just bought one and it's really cool it's much nicer than a Mac, and the picture quality is brilliant, here's a link to the one I just bought if anyone is looking to buy one I would definately recommend this one so just click the link below

  38. I got this 2 days ago!!!! Its so nice!!!

  39. Kemass gila bak hiang??⭐⭐⭐?

  40. Will this be released in the uk

  41. I’m deciding over Galaxy Book S or Galaxy Book Flex… They’re both great, one is thin, but one is a 2 in 1, which I love… Samsung, you did too good this time XD keep this up.

  42. Почему их не продают в России???????


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