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I’ve spent a week using the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on Verizon’s network from Brooklyn to the boonies. This is the biggest phone I’ve reviewed since the monster iPhone 11 Pro Max – and it needs every cubic millimeter to pack in the glut of features Samsung loves to cram in. From a 108MP camera to a “100X” zoom lens to a 120Hz display to…

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  1. Hate Samangs camera processing, ever since switching from the Xperia XA1 Ultra to the Galaxy A50 in getting less detail from similar megapixel sized cameras and colours are at times too vibrant.

  2. I agree that this phone is not quite 'ultra' but it will definitely be closer to that with production software.

  3. Honestly you aren't my favorite tech reviewer but I gotta admit you make the highest quality content no doubt about it.very impressive

  4. Word to the admiral Jarok reference??…I'll be looking for a K'urn reference if you ever can sneak one in!!

  5. Hey Michael, I don't believe that running the display at 1440p instead of 1080p will result in a 20-30% difference in battery life, because I've been using the Galaxy S9 (not plus) since its launch, and I have tested the same thing enough times over the years to know that there's a battery life difference of about 2-3% on my phone's tiny 3000 mAh battery. Granted the screen itself on the S20 ultra is far bigger than the S9, but there shouldn't be that much of a difference.
    120 Hz vs 60 Hz though, is another comparison.

  6. I don't care what anyone says, super is always a better word and name than ultra

  7. 1:13 no grip around or pinky support , no case walking on a concrete sidewalk
    A N X I E T Y

  8. Ohh i remember that galaxy mega phone. At that time it was indeed super large (screen size)… now its normal thing

  9. Idk why so call reviewer are putting out reviews when the camara is not running the latest update that Samsung is working on. I guess you have to put out S20 ultra videos as fast as possible for views.

  10. Samsung hater everyone knows what a giant leap 120 hz is. It's not 1399 on tmobile you get a 412 Visa card and 88 bill credit plus buds + from Samsung which = 750…bye bye hater no sub 1 dislike

  11. I"m more interested in S20+ but the prices for new devices are so high that I will propably buy one of the last year's model. I hope S10+ will drop the price after s20 release.

  12. i can see the video quality of the front and rear camera is still crappy as per samsung usual standard

  13. Nice job , i like the matching yellow shoes & sweater ?

  14. All the positive things he said about the iPhone and he never touched base on the hideous notch or camera bump. Why not? The notch and design of the iPhone is just terrible!!! Why pay so much for a design that has been out for years? Nothing innovative at all when it comes to Apple phones… and the control that Apple has is getting worse.

    So now no music is not allowed unless you have purchased it from Apple? Not even the ones through iTunes. That's crazy!!

    And years later you still can't move your icons on the screen in the fashion that fits your style. It's what Apple thinks you should do with them.

    Don't get me wrong, Apple makes a solid phone if you only want to purchase their content in a way they want you to use it.

  15. $1400 For this phone. If you pay that much, you are a sucker!!!

  16. You thanked everyone but me….

  17. i was impressed by the selfie camera video tho. the mic…. not so much

  18. 1:52 That's definitely a Nissan, looks a lot like my Murano

  19. 2000: My phone has a camera
    2020: My camera has a phone

  20. So now To Buy An ? ?, we have to pay Less and sell our Kidney for Samsung? Those were the Days of our Lives ??

  21. Samsung note 10+ design better

  22. People in Australia can get 4G version which is $200 cheaper than 5G.

  23. I actually like that the design is understated. The screen has the pleasing look. I don't want to be an apple status symbol whatever nonsense. .I want the better phone lol

  24. If Sammy can commit 5 years of major software and security updates, then maybe it is worth its price.

  25. Great video man, as always. That phone looks incredible. Just the price and those really bland color options on the ultra ?

  26. What happened to the animation in the end?

  27. Now i remember my first Samsung phone. Thanks!

  28. LGR? Woodgrain intensifies!

  29. Kinda lame of Samsung to ship a phone this expensive with unfinished camera software. I know Apple took some time to bring deep fusion, but they were up front about the fact that it was coming later and there were no bugs that caused issues like blurry focus. The s20 just doesn’t seem like it lives up to the price. Also the lack of an s20E seems like Samsung shooting themselves in the foot.

  30. If its like any other samsung phone just wait 6 months and that price will drop 40%

  31. I hate the battery life of this phone.

  32. Is it just me or does the phones mic sound terrible? That sounds WORSE than my 11 Pro max and Note 10… I really hope the mic doesnt sound like that.

  33. One channel I can rely by..

  34. I just can’t get behind a $1400 Samsung phone. They only support their super expensive phones for a few updates.. Totally rip off their customers…

  35. #SamsungS20Ultra, has some of the most impressive features, Its camera sounds great on Paper, but how practical it is that is the question. Totally agree with you about its design, it does look like a domino stuck behind it. Not a big fan of it. 8:15 I will make the same choice too.

  36. Hey Mr. Mobile just wanna ask why don't you review Mi phones. Please review Mi 10 pro if possible. Hope you listen to me.?

  37. You are reviewing phones and can't tell a difference between 60 hz and 120 hz??? The higher refresh rate is the first thing I noticed when I got the OP7 Pro and now the Pixel. It's a MUST in 2020.

  38. That darn "thumb meat"!!!

  39. what is that TNG app you were showing in the Z-Flip B-roll?

  40. This phone comes with YouTube music preinstalled?

  41. What a beast of a phone but miss me with that price tag.

  42. Great review ! I gotta disagree with you on the design though. I think it looks very classy.

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