Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 Ultra is a lot of phone: a lot of megapixels, a huge screen, a high refresh rate, the big battery, and something to prove. Can it beat OnePlus for screen, the Pixel 4 for camera, or the iPhone 11 Pro for video? In this review, Dieter Bohn answers all of those questions.

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  1. Samsung it is for poor people.

  2. I love this Smartphone!. my only worry is the focus problem.! I hope they can fix it with an update!

  3. can't afford it.

  4. Clicked due verge review, watched first few minutes feels like an ad. And high refresh rate didn't make much difference in normal usages (for gaming it may or may not).

  5. I've been trying to figure out how they get the phones to stand up for so long…

  6. How do they get the phones to stand up like that?

  7. I cant wait til September til this phone drops half price to $700

  8. Why can't Samsung make enough phones with Snapdragon SoC. It's discrimatory to ship some S20 with Snapdragon SoC to some regions and ship those with less reliable Exynos/Mali GPU to other regions all for the same price.☹?????????????????????????????????????

  9. Dieter "Alot" Bohn ?

  10. So technically, dieter has informed most of us that the s20 ultra will not be worth the price and features as everything is in it BUT 1 or 2 things only is done right

    And yes 5g doesnt matter YET ?

  11. You should just make your own channel

  12. Stupid review. Politics magazine tries to understand technology. Funny.

  13. Hey Dieter Bohn are you an Android user or iPhone user

  14. Who is really excited anymore for bloody phone reviews?

  15. Dieter Awesome Video really enjoyed and absolutely think some are missing where you could use the Zoom lens when you are looking for a place and you want to see or when you get lost like I did while walking instead of jumping in car could have used it,Also for being at a event and you are not up close enough so I can see where it will be useful so actually like that.I also have to go see it in person because we all know that Samsung devices have incredible displays so must be Awesome on this one.Great Video always enjoy Deb ??✌

  16. Too big, too thick and too expensive

  17. I don't get why they use lower MP sensor on the ultra-wide camera. That's the one that would be the MOST useful to have extra pixels, so you could "zoom in" after the fact. Hell, put the 108 megapixel sensor on the ultrawide camera, and suddenly it can "zoom in" to 12 megapixels to 9x zoom – more zoom than the actual folded-optics zoom!

  18. "Bixby makes it worse."

    Truer words…

  19. "The biggest number of all" isn't 108 Mpxls, Dieter. I'd say the biggest number of all is "a starting price of $1,399."

  20. Surprised that the Note 10+ did not make it to this comparison.

  21. An iPhone user would be overwhelmed with this phone. The reviewer proves this point.

  22. You have face unlock too?

  23. If Samsung has kept the zooming to OPTICAL only.
    added front stereo speakers.
    Headphone Jack with these big chassis.
    added more battery making camera module flush.
    added front screen flash for selfie.
    faster wireless charging.

  24. Samsung has to JUMP to 20 from 10 to get ahead of Apple, jus' ahead ???

  25. Please put in some work into the script writing as much as you put into the presentation. It feels too spontaneous.

  26. Wins in everything… except headphone Jack :'(

  27. I think its ok for samsung to remove headphone jack because they include galaxy buds+ for free when you pre order. But having headphone jack still a + point for me.

  28. Anyone know where to get that wallpaper shown on the S20 Ultra in the beginning of the video?

  29. Samsung: "let's just forget S11-S19 and jump straight to the S20!"

  30. This phone is SURPRISINGLY light

  31. I quit buying Samsung phone since the note 5 due to bloatwares and junk features like they kept making like bixby.

  32. Just install g cam…duhhh…simple

  33. iPhone has a better camera then the pixel and the pixel got a better camera then the s20 ultra

  34. When Vlad Savov left I was like 🙁 but Dieter has turned that frown upside down

  35. Imagine the note 11 ?

  36. I personally like the 8K footage in S20 series and 100X zoom in S20 ultra. The camera is incredible in S20 ultra. But i hate the camera bumo of S20 ultra it will get scratches easily. I have pre-ordered the phone and also ordered a black camo skin from gadgetshieldz to reduce the camera bump and protect the camera from scratches.

  37. T-Mobile has it for $1249 but 2 get $900 off the second lol so no one really pays in full

  38. apple users on the video be like, "ITS NOT BETTER THAN APPLE BECAUSE APPLE IS THE BEST"
    me literally looking at a figet spinner phone

  39. Theirs literally an app about zoom in phones on the google appstore that is compatible to any android with high versions

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