We put the new Samsung Galaxy S5e through its paces and compare it to the 2019 iPad Air!
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The new 2019 Galaxy S5e features a high rez OLED 10.5″…

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  1. Check out the GAMING comparison: https://youtu.be/I09za13G6Y4
    S5e Tablet (Amazon) ➡ http://geni.us/GF5K4dc
    S5e Keyboard (Amazon) ➡ http://geni.us/c2BZQk
    SD Card (Amazon) ➡ http://geni.us/yt9ZVai
    iPad Air SALE➡ https://bhpho.to/2UYaDZA

  2. i'd buy both.. samsung for fucking around with and ipad to get real stuff done

  3. I would do the s5e, cause we all know I'm just gonna watch Netflix and HBO … If I was actually gonna game and not on my phone, the ipad.

  4. S5e is a much better buy in the short term but ipad air will hold its value much better, my ipad air2 is a 6 year old design but is still worth $200 (AUD)

  5. iPad Air 3 has a better A12 Bionic chip

  6. I bought the iPad Pro 18w charger for my air 3

  7. Cheers for this video, I found it very useful and refreshingly impartial. The conclusion seems to me to be dependant on what the primary use is going to be: if it's gaming then the iPad wins for graphics performance (but not sound) and maybe the still camera performance. For everything else, and for 80% of the cost it has t Obe said, the Samsung seemed better.

  8. Who really uses tablet speakers to listen to anything substantial?? Headphone jack alone gives the iPad the thumbs up… Movies, concert videos get played thru outside speakers/stereo systems..

  9. Ipad is more better than other tablet ?

  10. yep but Ipad is more expensive so is it so important that Ipad CPU is more powerful if the Samsung tablet does the job ?


  12. iPad is only a million times better!. Case closed!……

  13. Weakness of the Samsung tablet: it’s not an iPad ???

  14. iPad is always better

  15. iPad 326879 like if I’m correct

  16. Good comparaison. Though so the S5e only compare to IPAD7 10.2. they are in the same segment.
    Another video please S5e vs IPAD 10.2 2019

  17. Very awesome, very professional presentation. MANY THANKS. Now that I know more about both devices I am even further from decision. Just kidding, this helps a lot.
    Just need to watch this awesome video few more times to digest all the content, pros and cons.

  18. iPad all the way. I’ve been using my iPad Air 2 for 3 years and it’s still smooth as butter.

  19. I’m watching on my iPad Air 3. So obviously, the iPad is better.

  20. I love my Tab S 5E. I mainly use it for gaming and media consumption. Also, Amoled display and expandable storage. Has better computer functionality compared to the air. Sure the air has a better processor but how long until they send out updates to bog down their software?

  21. I’d probably pick the iPad Air for gaming but the tab s5e for portable Netflix, they are both pretty good and I can’t choose one over the other.

  22. Cheaper, DEX, Amoled display, micro SD, audio and usb-c. So Samsung has a better display, better port, micro SD for storage upgrade, better audio and functions better as a workstation. All things you forgot to mention or really give proper credit for as it seemed you just skimmed over them. Oh but Apple has a pen! Apple better…. really bro?

  23. I moved from ipad to s5e, I use it for Internet and Netflix etc. The Samsung wins easily for me. For gamers the opposite in my opinion.

  24. Which will get more update?

  25. iPad just got a Samsung beat down.. ?

  26. My SE5 has 6gb ram, your version it think only had 4gb

  27. It's almost 2020 and people are still bitching about headphone jacks? Seriously?

  28. Ipad has better camera

  29. Whattt my tab s5e was 600$!!!!!!

  30. The s5e has USB c support which means you can even use a USB with a usb c type adapter,the samsung can do much more and has better functionality all around.

  31. The video quality on the ipad just looks like it came from a security camera feed

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