Benchmarking the new Galaxy Tab S6! See how it stacks up next to the iPad Pro

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Check out the Tab S6 Here:

Check out the iPad Pro Here:

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  1. Off the bat… why are you declaring the so said 6GB ram….. ?…. before you go deeper use cpuz…. now you look a real fool …. yes it's like a taxi with an advert for some product but that said taxi don't sell that product…. trying to look smart before you do the homework ….lol…. ho well

  2. I'm so worried about having to buy an S6 tab or iPad pro ….
    Do you think that a 120hz screen is so important that it makes the S6 tab like old-fashioned technology, or whether I should choose the S6 tab that gives me an immediate S pen bonus and better audio quality. So which one is better to buy according to you guys?

  3. That is very low scores for those tablets, I Saw a video with the tab s6 getting over 10.000 in multiscores

  4. S6 is shit compared to the iPad. The iPad is almost twice as powerful

  5. for me the best advantage of the ipad as well as other apple devices, is their longevity because of their excellent hardware and also the way they continually support software updates even the older gadgets

  6. Please tell me which one i buy i pad pro or tab s 6

  7. In day to day use, benchmarks are pointless. The tab s6 can do 95% of everything the iPad pro can do. Only difference is 120hz display vs 60hz. And the iPad will process / convert edit videos slightly faster than the tab s6. Other than that, wheres the big advantage?

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