Can Samsung’s new Tab S6 compete with Apple’s iPad Pro in terms of gaming performance? We test out Asphalt 9, Modern Combat 5 and Vainglory!
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Buy the 2018 iPad Pro ($674 on Amazon) ➡

The Galaxy Tab S6 is a great tablet and it packs a lot of value, including the S-Pen and coming with 128GB of storage.

The iPad Pro doesn’t include the Apple Pencil,…

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    This is the CLEAR winner (Amazon) ➡
    Buy the Galaxy Tab S6 ($650 on Amazon) ➡
    Buy the 2018 iPad Pro ($674 on Amazon) ➡

  2. Thanks for the great comparison. I was having a dilemma about what to buy because I want the tab for gaming. You have a subscriber and a thumbs up!

  3. you are so cute

  4. Luv your voice! Feels so calming.

  5. i love samsung phone , but with gaming on the big screen , i prefer ipad pro . Sorry samsung i still love you

  6. Me: I'll go with iPad pro

    My wallet: AM I jOKe TO yOU

  7. For me i don't use my tablet to play games, i do work on my tab s6 such as animating and other processing stuff !

  8. It's just about optimization, wait for a new software update for the tab s6 ! All rhe the apps and games will be more optimized to run even faster !

  9. 0:47 where my Mario kart bois at

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  11. Commmmmmmeeee turkey please <3
    Nice video

  12. Its a known thing that iOS gaming is better optimized, cuz u know i-software and i-hardware.
    But on Android u can Emulate a lot of systems and play a ton of real games and not only" candy crush"

  13. I dont know how apple did it right.

  14. Samsung tab 6 win i can download free NBA 2k20

  15. I need tab s6 but i dont have money ???

  16. What games can you play with the cover keyboard?

  17. Really should test emulators as well.

  18. You look like Grus wife from Despicable Me. Well maybe just the hairstyle lol

  19. I like the way how she said BOI! LMFAO

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