The New Galaxy Tab S6 comes powered with a Snapdragon 855 processor. Making it one of the most versatile Android tablets, but how well doe sit compare against the iPad Pro? If you want to see more comparison or a gaming video with the Tab S6, leave a comment below.

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  1. Would you pick up the Galaxy Tab S6 as you Android Tablet of choice?

  2. Im not a pro. Can i make pfotoshop with some app like procreate? I realy like ipad pro but its too expensive.

  3. Can I use photoshop with this pad?

  4. Dose Tab s6 have 3d touch like ipad?

  5. Only bad thing about s6 is the size, too damn small !!! Why they dont make a 12.9 one ? Please Samsung! The 120hz is great but the super amoled display is another planet color /blacks , not even in the same universe, trust me when u stay in your bed without lights u will understand how amazing is the oled display, with ipad led lcd you see the backlight, very annoying

  6. It's not 4k but okay…

  7. what samsung needs is 120 hz screen and good app support for their tablet.

  8. any significant difference between the wifi only and lte versions??

  9. Specs and price aren't everything. Two years from now that samsung tablet won't be getting any software update at all from Google unlike the iPad will for a couple more years ahead from Apple. Security and performance will definitely suffer. Not to mention the fact that most android tablet apps are just blown up mobile versions. Optimisation is really really poor in android tablets and it ruins the user experience.

  10. I want a tab soo badly but my parents just don't understand, what to do. As a student I just swim in the ocean of papers searching for the correct notes I need. And when I asked for a tab they denied saying I can manage it with a pen and a paper. I'm just tired of it.

  11. Why you whispering man?

  12. In my opinion and not to downplay it – I think if you’re going to be a tablet then be a tablet. What I love about the iPad it’s that apps are optimized for it and the keyboard it’s an accessory that’s optional. If I want to get a device with laptop apps and an laptop layout? Then I’ll just get a laptop. Other tablets are moving towards being a laptop – I don’t think that should be an advantage when comparing since Apple is sticking to keeping an iPad as a tablet.

  13. I am about to buy a tab s6 as a sheet music replacement. Do you guys think that 10.5 screen is big enough for that or I need to buy an iPad Pro?

  14. Tab S6 is the best Android tablet but it's nowhere near the iPad pro

  15. The S pen also docs on the side as well!!

  16. im a samsung user and also a huge fan toward samsung products because it is usefull and always come with the perfect price
    with simple style

    the apple product is good but not too much of a fan for the price
    and feel so old school with the big button and too much security and complex

  17. Tab S6+iPad OS=Best tablet

  18. lol iPad pro killer? You mean iPad mini 2017 killer? We all know Android tablets will slowdown overtime, all those RAM and memory will be gone in a year or two.

  19. Nah! Samsung Can't even Play Fortnite mobile smoothly… U can't beat the pro if it struggle with that type of Games…

  20. I'm having delay issues when watching youtube on my S6 tablet ? is anyone having this same issue?

  21. Surface Pro beats both LMAOOOOO

  22. Samsung had the right idea with the Note Pro 12 series. The Tab S series is an attempt at a compromise between a consumer tablet and a productivity tablet. Much of it makes little sense. Glass back and front make no sense. The stylus no longer slides into the body of the tablet. It instead docks on the back. That makes no sense whatsoever. But this is the best they could come up with if they decided that it didn't make financial sense to make two different tablets.

    As for being an iPad Pro killer, well, any Android tablet is going to be far more productive. Going back to the Note Pro 12, again it had the right idea. The problem was that it never had enough horsepower to do all of what it could do and make it a nice, smooth experience.

    I think though that rather than buying an Android tablet, I'd buy a thin and light Windows tablet. That makes more sense. And the iPad has one very compelling use case, art. The Apple Pencil is simply better than pretty much everything else. Procreate is also compelling vs other apps. So for artists, the iPad Pro can make sense just for the art. For light productivity though, it's terrible. And why settle for an Android tablet when you could go ahead and get a light Windows tablet?

  23. "This time Samsung is packing the S pen in the box for you with the Tab S6. What does that mean? It means that out of the box you've got an S pen."


  24. Perhaps Dex will be the default screen for future Samsung tablet devices. And with the S pen sticking around lately with the tab S, should Samsung revive the Note tablet line up following the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014? Will they integrate a palm rejection technology in their displays for the next Note tablet?

  25. and then I remember that apple exclusive apps is what makes iPad shines more than android tabs. you can get most Tab apps in android phone, but iPad has a lot of apps that even iPhone didn't have

  26. does it work well with Microsoft office?

  27. It looks like a device, but for me, they killed it with the size. Samsung has abandoned the 12-inch tablet segment 4 years ago with their Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (which I have) being their last large android tablet with S-Pen. Dex is really cool, but I have that in my Note 9 and honestly – the 10.5 inch screen just makes it a fancy toy – for me it's just too small, not even a good replacement for a paper notebook, so I will probably be getting iPad Pro of Microsoft Surface. I'm really disappointed with Samsung, every major manufacturer makes large 12+ inch tablet, but Samsung has decided to leave it.

  28. Had to bump it back a couple when I realised I wasn’t paying attention to what you were saying because I zoned out looking at your wall-o-headphones ?

  29. Subbed. Greetings from Jakarta

  30. The problem is not the hardware but the software IOS its a lot better than android

  31. Boredartwork: IPad Pro vs Galaxy tab s6
    Surface pro 2 : Am I a joke to you??

  32. iPad Pro users like here

  33. ipad pro is far better than this for digital artist like me

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