Samsung’s latest fitness-focused smartwatch improves on the original Watch Active, which was released just six months ago. I dive into what the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is like to wear when working out, tracking sleep and getting notifications from your phone. But the most intriguing feature is the built-in ECG, which goes head-to-head with the same feature in the Apple Watch Series 5.

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  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for watching. If you have questions I didn’t answer in the review, ask away ?

  2. Can you answer calls and speak into watch?

  3. Just changed from galaxy watch to this. Only thing I dislike is the mini pad charger

  4. $748 for a watch is ridiculous. My phone was $1200 though so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

  5. Can u use this watch and texts & call while leaving your phone at home?

  6. Very beautiful ???
    جميل جداً ???

  7. Is this compatible with iphone

  8. Why no review on : GPS accuracy/tracker, Texting, video calling, mapping, browsing, phone compatibility ?

  9. No review on GPS tracking/accuracy, video calling, texting, phone compatibility, OS, mapping ?

  10. What is the advantage of using a Samsung phone with this?

  11. i just got mine 3 days ago

  12. Lexy 'sold me' on this! Thanks.

  13. Your very beautiful I like you. watch is amazing how much $$$ dollars????

  14. Can I Swim With It In Salt Water?

  15. love the furry arms

  16. This video is more about Galaxy watch Active VS Galaxy Watch Active 2

  17. Is this a better option than the Galaxy Watch? I've seen the Galaxy Watch corrode while it was on display at Samsung.

  18. What are your thoughts on Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs the Honor Watch Magic 2?
    Also, how well does responding to notifications and making and receiving calls(via bluetooth) on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 work?

  19. Female health tracking?

  20. Has Samsung improved the design of this? I've read numerous reviews how this watch crapped out in water and when presented to Samsung their response was "Oh you damaged this in water, warranty voided. $430 due to fix." Which I have to say is a HUGE deterrent for me

  21. How to get the "Auto Low Brightness" to work?

  22. May I know where can I find the running coach?

  23. BATTERY absolutely BULLCRAP!!! i bought one it was REALLY DISAPPOINTING!!! the battery life DOESN't last longer even for 12 hours?, i have already turned off or disabled some features just to increase battery life BUT still it's CRAP!, i RETURNED it to the shops where i purchased it, it's good they gave me a REFUND!????????????????????????????

  24. This is the second video from her about this watch in which she mispronounced aluminum lol . I was screaming at my phone when she didnt mention in the intro the BIG difference that the active 2 added a speaker

  25. Does it track crossfit workouts?

  26. Stainless steel, built in ecg, breathing app, and red ring on lte model…i wonder where they got that idea from…..

  27. How is the bluetooth connection to (Samsung) phone and earbuds (Non-Samsung)?

  28. Can you use google play music?

  29. can you upload applications from google store

  30. Hi! Compliments for your review! I would like to know if I can track my running exercise at Samsung Health without having to carry my phone while exercising. I mean, can I run using only the watch and then pair it with the phone to get all the exercise information, including the route?

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