Today I discuss the similarities and differences between the Fitbit Versa 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 to help you decide which is the best smartwatch fitness tracker for you.

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  1. I fear FitBit has been bought over by Google….. And now you will have to pay more for nothing much. Sadly.

  2. I wish that Versa 2 has GPS built in

  3. Ok – I had an Inspire HR for about a year, and decided I wanted something more 'watch' like. So I did a TON of research, on the Galaxy Active 2 vs. the Fitbit Versa 2. Because I love Samsung and have a note 10+ I opted for the Active 2.

    I tried it for two weeks but returned it because….

    1) I had issues with Spotify working offline consistently while training. I could have worked around this with just uploading MP3's, but it's one of the features I bought the watch for. I personally like training without my phone, because it makes better use of my training time and I'm more focused on my workout and less distracted on my phone. 2) Goodnight mode, which I needed to turn on to help with battery life, affected the sleep tracking. The sleep tracking for me matters as a competitive athlete. 3) The battery life sucked and charging on the back of my Samsung Note 10+ wasn't as seamless as it was made out to be, and I refuse to take my phone case off every time I need to charge my watch and I'm out and about. I also had to turn off a lot of the 'fun' features just to get about 1.5 days before I had to stick it back on the charger, and that was frustrating – why pay for all the bells and whistles when I can't use them? I turned off WiFi to, which didn't make it any more 'standalone' than the FitBit would be, in order to save battery, and it did help, but then again… what's the point? LOL. I thought I'd be OK charging more often, but I just couldn't deal with it after I was used to charging my Inspire HR every 6 days.

    I ended up returning the Active 2 for the Versa 2, and I'm super happy. Better battery life, Alexa syncs reminders to my phone AND fitbit (which is SO nice), the text reply is fine for me, and I have my sleep trends back to easily review. For me, the Versa 2 just tics more of the boxes. I can also upload music via Deezer, which for me is just as fine as Spotify, but tbh I'll still go the MP3 route long-term due to cost since I don't add new music to my playlists that often. Then if I own my music I can upload it to whatever device I change to down the road.

    Although I will give Samsung the win for a beautiful design and display which I like better than the Versa 2, and I will be keeping an eye out for their next active watch. I also liked that while I was tracking a workout on my Active 2, I could still use other apps, but that's also not a deal breaker. I did like also being able to make phone calls and initiate messages/calls from my wrist on the Active 2, but it wasn't a deal breaker for me as much as the other things were. Honestly though, if I do, I would get the LTE version potentially because why do I need to make a phone call from my wrist… because in order to do that, the phone still needed to be near me. If I really wanted that feature, I'd just spring for the LTE version and put it on my cell plan so I could leave my phone behind totally when I'm out doing different things or at the store or at the gym.

    With the fitness data, I was fine with Samsung Health, as I was able to get all my things to sync up to upload into my coaching app for my check-in's weekly. So that was easy to do. It was just the issue with Sleep Tracking on Fitbit vs. Samsung that was the issue for me, as I had to have Goodnight Mode on and that affected the sleep tracking on the Samsung.

    They are both good devices in their own right, it just depends on what you need from them. 🙂

  4. I personally think the 40mm is better given that it is quite thick. Having a the 40mm balances the size whereas the 44mm could almost look to big. It's down to personal preference I don't want something to big on my wrist so I would go with the 40mm. (Coming from a man with fairly big forearms)

  5. I like your video but I notices that the fitbit adds steps without you moving.

  6. Is that a Hamilton t-shirt?

  7. The fact that I need to bring my phone with me while running to listen to Spotify, makes that I will not buy the versa. That is a bummer

  8. OMG…. go straight to 6:00 mark for the comparison.

  9. Thank you SO much for making this video! You clearly put a ton a work into making this and it was incredibly helpful!

  10. Just checked spec versa says has a-gps

  11. Thought you could dictate reply voice Versa? WhatsApp for instance

  12. For $200 the Fitbit versa 2 is not worth it, I’ve bought the versa 2 and Apple Watch 5. The Apple Watch 5 is not worth the price and the versa 2 feels like a Chinese brand. It lags and their app is always down. Tbh smart watches aren’t there for it to be premium price. The most these watches should be is $150 at best

  13. What is the advantage of using a Samsung phone with this?

  14. You could of said all this in 5 min . What a boring review .

  15. I won't ever buy a Versa or other fitbit ever again. Should have gone with something else. I don't know if they fixed all the problems that show up around the 6 month mark with the versa 2 but I doubt it. I liked it till i had to keep on getting replacements.
    I bought my Versa June 23, 2018.

    Dec 8, 2018 I was sent another one because it had stopped working. I never dropped it, never left it on the charger for a long time, nor did i ever hit it off of something. Didn't even wear it in water (shower/dishes etc.) even though it has a water resistant rating. I did wear it swimming once, but it is a feature of the Versa so it shouldn't do anything bad. It looked brand new. Customer support was good and I got another one in a few days. I figured I just got a defective one.
    Jun 17, 2019 I noticed that I couldn't see my screen when outside (went to brightness setting didn't help), it wasn't keeping track of my stair count correctly (way to high) and would randomly restart. Contacted Fitbit again since the warranty is supposed to be for a year. They said that they would make a note on my account but unless my device stopped working completely they wouldn't send me another. Again treated it properly so it shouldn't have stopped working. Still looked like new.
    July 4th my Versa stops working completely. There is a big white dot in the center of the screen. Get sent another Versa after spending about 45 min chatting with support.
    February 5th, 2019 Versa has white line down side of screen, do a reset and it goes away. Next morning it no longer works. Put it on charger to make sure that battery wasn't drained, nothing happened.
    Since I was pissed off that yet another Versa stopped working and really busy, it was me and my sisters bday (great present HA) I decided to not contact them that day. No need to lose my temper at some poor worker. Then I had a long shift at work ,some family plans, and another long shift so I didn't contact them till Feb 10th.
    Get told that I am past my warranty (from the first watch yes but it had only been since July for the 3rd one) and that all that they could do is give me 25% off of one of their products. Ya cause I'm going to give Fitbit more of my money when they have a product that doesn't last more then 6-7 months at a time.
    If you want to spend a lot of money and then have to waste time getting that product replaced frequently only to have it for about 1.5 years get the Versa, if that doesn't sound like a fun time avoid the Versa and possibly all of Fitbit.

  16. what size Galaxy Watch is that?

  17. Man that was tiring listen to your videos.. where the differences of both watch at??

  18. Can somebody help me, which one I can use for tracking swimming activity? I'd like to track turns, speed and heart rate. thanks

  19. I wanted to like Versa 2 so bad!From day one I had huge bluetooth connectivity issues which made it so Spotify,Alexa,apps,and notifications were completely useless.When the watch does work it's pretty good,I used it for work outs.In the end the connectivity issues irritated me enough to return it after 2 weeks.Also you need Spotify premium to use that feature.

  20. you CAN see REM and all what you can see in the fitbit in the galaxy watch active 2 but you have to enable "rem tracking" (it enables the heart rate monitor)

  21. "hugest" is not a word

  22. Fitbit versa 2. Can you do voice responses to apps messages like messenger what's app?

  23. I watched almost the whole video in x1.5 speed and at the last few minutes when I switched it back to normal, it felt like he was talking in slow motion.

  24. Do you know if Fitbit versa 3 coming in 2020?

  25. Thank you for this great video. I was rly thinking about these 2 but since I'm more fitness focused I will get the Versa 2 :p

  26. I wonder what's the warranty like on Samsung. Fitbit does not back up their product and the glass is way to prone to damage on the versa. Hopefully this changed with the 2.

  27. Fitbit is going through bad times. One side it has Alexa which is Amazon thing and google has bought fitbit so is not it funny

  28. I have the Samsung and am looking to replace it. I can see how the Samsung could be a better fit for someone who will use all of the bells and whistles like the assistant and the microphone, which I do not- I mostly use it for workouts and sleep tracking. It's not a bad watch, but I do indeed keep having to fiddle with it during a workout. The fiddling ends up with me lost in the weeds, having somehow pushed the wrong button, a fair amount of the time. I'm generally tech-capable, so I feel it's partly a design issue and not solely user-error. About 1/3 of the time I'll be working out, look down to check my heart rate, and the watch isn't capturing it. After a few minutes, the HR will start registering again. I've tried cleaning it, tightening the band, etc. but it didn't fix the problem. I also end up taking it off at night to charge it so often that it's not useful for me for sleep tracking.
    The app is not impressive, and it's not giving me the level of info I'd like to see. It's also not adjustable – when I forget to start tracking a workout or when the HR stops reading, I can't go into the app later and enter that info manually.

  29. you can also verbally answer messages on the fitbit versa 2

  30. I wouldn't say 2 days battery life with no GPS and charging when you're in the shower during those 2 days is good!

  31. Which would be better to track hiking?

  32. Sleep tracking is excellent on the versa I’ll give them that. But the Samsung gear has a full functionality with the app called FITIV which makes the watch a lot better for fitness tracking.

  33. I was completely discouraged with the versa 2. It counted steps I never made and the metrics for the heart rate data were off. I used to have a samsung gear s3 that never gave me that issue.

  34. Thanks for the review. It pretty much confirmed what I thought all along and I'm glad I got the Galaxy Active 2 last month.
    If you want something purely for exercise/gym, then maybe get the Versa (although this still depends on if fee for extra features is worth it to you..), if you want better features, style, spec and just a general watch as well as some still decent fitness tracking, get the Galaxy Active 2.

  35. Thanks a lot for the video! I was almost sold to Samsung for the variety of trackable workouts because I didn't understand how it works, but now I know I don't need it. I thought it displayed better hr and calories burnt while exercising, but it just counts your reps (I work out to YouTube videos, if I wanna track it I'll just go to my YouTube acc history) . Thanks a lot, I really rather tracking my stats, so Imma go with a Fitbit band maybe (thinking of a Fitbit charge 3). I just gotta get informed on the premium Fitbit service price that everyone is talking about for getting the detailed stats info. Keep going, all the best to you!

  36. I learned a lot and this video helped me to make an informed decision.Thanks

  37. Active 2 calorie count is totally off. I'm going to return it because of this, really love it for everything else . But I use it for the gym, going back to my old Garmen.

  38. What size is the active 2 you're wearing in this video? Also, how big are your wrists in inches or cm? Please answer…

  39. I wish you could set up Google assistant on the Samsung watch

  40. I bught Versa 2 and now I'm sending it back, the sync issues are horrible… it doesn't track my sleep, the pulse, I can't recieve my messages and alexa sometimes can't resolve my commands… well, just be careful with Versa 2

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