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  1. This works on Windows 10 64 Bit too!!!

  2. I am saved! Searched for a long time and monkeyed around with this shit on my own with no idea as to what I was doing. How it took me so long to find this, I don't know. Thank you so much!, by the way.

  3. much appreciated for helping me man i totally forgot how to do this and u awsomely helped me remmeber ,you rock keep up the awsome work

  4. Everything worked but I had to go back to Sound Settings and Change output to Realtek High Definition audio AFTER following the steps. Im thinking its because of my motherboard Bios its so weird.


  6. Hvis der er nogle der ikke kan få lyden til at virke på deres elgato HD60 S så prøv dette. ?

  7. Hi, one question, My Son is asking for a Headphone with Mixamp, cuz that is happening he cant have both sounds, do you think that work no matter what's headphone is he using right?

  8. I have a problem. I only want to send the game audio in my capture card, not my voice chat or discord. Can I do that using Voicemeter Banana??? Please help!!

  9. Bro this easy solution saved a lot of hazard and lots of time. It worked on windows 10. Haven't recorded anything yet but it is working on my Capture Card when I tasted. I use a Ezcap 284 which is not so great but works as it's cheaper but now I have audio passthrough on headset and Capture Card. Thanks, man!!!!

  10. Worked for me on windows 10

  11. It works! but my issue is i want to hear the game music from my omen headphones and elgato at the same time but it won't work like the way you want it to be on the default speakers.

  12. you are so much help, thanks dude

  13. when i click properties for stereo mix and the listen tab all it shows is default playback device and my speakers for my pc. help me please

  14. You are a legend. Thank you.

  15. Worked for me on Windows 10

  16. You are a life saver man

  17. I don't have a mic… rip.

  18. Thank you so much for this! I was having so many issues and you solved them!

  19. Thank you so much for the help

  20. 180€ and it dosen't work with headphones…. JEASUS !!!! WAT !!!

  21. I did but I hear this ugly repeat when ever there is sound

  22. Thank you so much.

  23. so I was wondering how to get audio through to record cause right now I have a double pc set up and I cant get audio.

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