Are expensive microphones really worth it? PC Centric explains the pros and cons of each, with a mic test for streaming and gaming.
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  1. 1:30 dude you need to fix that posture

  2. a sock isn't a pop filter you misconception spreading jackass, it's a wind screen. Wind screens don't have space between the mic and the filter so it doesn't have time to disperse the plosive. also, get a fucking arm for that standalone mic for christ sakes, they're $20 and lets you move the mic closer to your face instead of the keyboard.

  3. The only thing is that you dont need to pay 180$ for a single mic if its for gaming because discord and all the other apps even chat are compressing your voice just get a headset with a mic instead.

  4. Just got a corsair k95 keyboard like yours, literally the best keyboard

  5. im getting a cardioid mic and i have mx reds so i dont need to worry about picking up keyboard noise

  6. for some reason my headset picks up more audio than my standalone

  7. what headset was in the thumbnail

  8. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best gaming microhpone hope it helps you out too!"

  9. If your using the microphone then how do u hear

  10. I have a Chinese microphone gamer desktop. Which I pair with a Sure srh1540. Is kinda impressive how a set of headphones can change a game.

  11. You have a set of B&W why do you need a good dammit gamer headphones? ????

  12. Thanks for making this video, I just really needed to know how I would sound when using those headsets, or if I ever use a real microphone. great job, on the vid, it really helped.

  13. I just cancelled my condenser mic order. Gonna get a pair of headphones instead

  14. Thanks for the incite! Found it funny because I got distracted by the gameplay, what game is this?

  15. the thing with me is that i want a mic that captures my real voice
    Cos when i go back and watch my streams or video
    I SAID NOTHING LIKE I DO in real life
    even my friends have said that dont recognize me cos i sound soo different
    I need a mic that captures my real voice

  16. If i were to buy a yeti, would it be good to use just for general gaming as well?

  17. this video doesn't need to be 9 mins long

  18. Nice really helps me

  19. What's the name of this game?

  20. I'd like to record my own gaming sessions (with a webcam) without any streaming so I guess a headset would be more suited for me. Don't know if I'll like it either so I don't want to spend too much money on it. Thanks for yer advice.

  21. What if im not crazy rich tho

  22. That intro music tho???

  23. Goddd he’s cute

  24. How do I connect a USB mic to a PC but use a headset for audio.


  26. what a nice into ?

  27. Is it possible to Mute speakers automatic if you pushen the pushen to Talk Button. I want gaming sound from speakers and a stand alone mic for chatting/voip so if i pushen Button to Talk the speakers needed to Mute.?

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  29. from my headset when I make videos I talk my mic from headset takes fan noises from my laptop how to fix that do you have any solution

  30. why does voice break and sometimes echo when others listening whilst online gaming?

  31. this is the best !!!!!

  32. i own a steelseries arctis 3 but im going to buy a neewer 700 nm WITH THE 48V PHANTOM POWER SUPPLY for me talking in discord and fortnite and stuff but use my headset as it has good qauility in game so am i able to use both… PLEASE REPLY I BEG

  33. Anybody can make a pop filter out of fabric. Just tape some fabric around the mic.

  34. Anybody can eliminate static or white noise with Audacity, and use the same program to make their voice sound fuller.

  35. Headset =good for gaming
    microphone = good for commentary

  36. can someone tell me what mic to get like a headphone thing or a normal mic because i want to use it in my videos btw i use computer :/

    Also sub to my channel 😉

  37. That mic looks like deodorant ?

  38. I used a very bad PS4 headset, 1 year later I went up to a Turtle Beach Recon 50, now I have a VERY good headset, I recently ordered a USB microphone (the Auna 900G) it’s being shipped from Belgium as I’m writing and getting it on the 8th or 9th of January 2019!!! I’m really excited, the only thing it did not come with though was a pop filter I don’t think, but they are really cheap, just not gonna get one yet lol

  39. Can't u just use a usb Mic but use bluetooth/3.5m cable so u can get better sound using headphones but clear voice with a microphone

  40. Can you connect it to an ipad

  41. Headset Mic or Desktop Mic??

  42. How can I have a dedicated microphone not pickup background noise/make it sensitive only to direct voice

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