Should you go with the all-in-one convenience of a gaming headset, or a separate headphone and microphone setup?

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  1. You are no longer a ( help ) for no one games anymore how
    no one gets it i say there blind yet i'd say play vs the computer
    DON'T let me know when you get board for it can go many ways.
    i swear a pro HA more like B oaring none gamer. just like vs computer yet
    like the computer hacking it's self.

  2. 3:07
    It's not even plugged in??

  3. 3:10 there's a new wireless feature in Samsung phones that lets you use an aux cord without a headphone jack

  4. 1:19 lol when you snapped my phone said I have 15% wtf you are controlling my phone

  5. the stock images are so bad xD

  6. Great vide. Great vids. Very useful stuff. However lol I do not get why you sell gear/clothes. Its like Best Buy selling Jackets or the Genius Bar at Apple selling Shirts….

  7. How to connect wireless headphone to pc. Non gaming headset like sennheiser 4.5. Do I have to buy a blue tooth adapter for my motherboard??

  8. get an earbud then razer surround. eazy budget

  9. Where can i buy a 6.1 audio channel?

  10. Could you ever explain why gaming headsets stop working after 2-6 months

  11. A separate microphone is always the thing to go for even if you have a Headset

  12. My $10 “gaming headset” sounds amazing for the price. They are called titan I think. Sadly you can only buy them at justwow. Which is a section of SOME five below stores which contain nicer more expensive items, a lot of which are gaming focused.

  13. I use gaming headphones.

  14. I have 300$ for a apple keyboard evolution

  15. Are earphones good for gaming? For example iPhone ones

  16. How much worse does a blower GPU perform compared to a custom fan cooling GPU if the blower GPU's fan speed is kept under 60% (not loud)?

  17. My headphones has 3.5mm jack to connect it to my phonr, but also, it has USB, that I can connect to my PC, and controll volume of my PC and microphone, and I have 7.1 surround sound, I can connect any type of 3.5 mm jack to it

  18. anyone realize the headphone jack on 3:09 not plugged into phone??

  19. How is shaving related to Techquickie? xD

  20. I use beats mixr's

  21. Companies need to make gaming headphones so u don't spend money on a crappy mic

  22. All these videos and I get more confused. WTF is a dac, sound whatever the fuck the other two were.

  23. Bhai kamil ka laptop upgrade ho sakta h????? Range 5000

  24. He's shouting so he must be right

  25. Currently using a nice external mic and a bose qt25! Just perfect for me!

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