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Should you buy a gaming laptop or a desktop? Which one is worth it?

In this video, we’ll be taking a closer look on the benefits and disadvantages of having a gaming PC and having a gaming laptop, and putting them up against each other to see which one you should…

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  1. laptops these days are equal specs to pcs or even more powerful w/ cheaper or same price and they also barley heat up.

  2. Well I made a mistake

  3. Oh gaming with a touchpad thats why they put expensive mouses and keyboard in you cart automatically by the way desktops are cheaper and run better laptops run worse and are more expensive yeah ill get a desktop wanna get desktop cheaper use pc part picker

  4. So heres my comment:
    I got our oldest laptop in the fam when i was like 8 (a samsung np r580 notebook 2 gb ram intel i3 core inside) so yea pretty terrible

    So since i now also NEEd a laptop for school and i want 1 for gaming, ill buy an
    Acer Predator G9 – 793 77B6 17.3
    That i found online for 216€ (used!)

    so if u dont expect ultra league performance, and need sonething for school then a laptop is THE way to go

    If u really need the highest performance for gaming, and dont have a legitamate budget, u should get a pc

    im getting that
    Acer Predator G9 – 793 77B6 17.3
    For 216€ tho bc thats a bargain

  5. Please never get a pc laptop cause it glitches

  6. Don't build a PC, it's a trap! Omg I can't stop building a pc now. Oh how many times have I reassembled my pc just to put it back together again.

  7. 6:10 thats my exact gaming laptop that i regret asking for at christmas. I dont want to tell my parents that i wanna sell it and build a pc as they might get offended because it was pretty expensive but it cant run most games too well or do what i expected it to do ?

  8. I’m probably gonna be laughed at but… I tried to connect a VR Quest to a laptop…

    Doesn’t work!!!!!!! ????? ohhh my days

  9. My parents are divorced, so the gaming laptop is the best option for me.

  10. Also PC's can last a long time. It is very difficult to ruin a PC than a laptop. Laptop can get destroyed for any number of reasons. Heat, spilling liquids, by dropping them, tapping them a bit hard. Try that on a PC, the closest thing that gets damaged is the keyboard.

  11. Gaming laptops are viable, they just don't do so well when compared to a desktop PC obviously. A gaming laptop will be able to run games a regular laptop can't. A gaming laptop will have more ram than a regular laptop. A gaming laptop will have a dedicated graphics card, not as powerful as a desktop card, but it'll be much better than a regular laptop's dedicated graphics.
    If you game, and don't travel, or don't want to take your PC with you, get a desktop.
    If you game and travel, or want to be able to take your PC with you, get a gaming desktop.
    If you don't game, just get a regular laptop, no need for a desktop.
    Im a PC gamer and my laptop serves me well. I'm not running games at Max settings, but the fact I can take my computer–and games with me anywhere I go more than makes up for it.

  12. Thank you so much, on opening my eyes and saving me time and money.

  13. If you’re going to get a laptop like I am, get a Alienware m15 or 15m(I don’t remember)

  14. Desktop and it's not even close.

  15. I have school so I NEED a laptop PCs are good but take too much space maybe when I have my own place

  16. Is laptop even a contender…? ??

  17. I use since it can MOVED

  18. So which is better

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