The Garmin Venu Review is FINALLY here.

Get the Garmin Venu from Amazon here:

The fitness trackers and products I use and recommend:

Garmin Fenix 5X

Garmin Instinct:

Amazfit Stratos:

Fitbit Versa:

Fitbit Ionic:

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music:

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate…

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  1. I use this watch for strength training 80% of the time. Just create your custom gym workout in the App then send it to the watch. You can setup a full week workouts easily with rest, reps etc. Who cares about the rep count the fact that my watch buzz when my rest period is over etc the strength profile works great. The Rep counting does suck but I just count in my head.

  2. Did you know your music at 3:51 is the same as the Counter Clock Podcast exit music?
    Skip to 32:40

  3. Great Review. Any plans on doing a review of the Vivomove Style/Luxe? I use it mostly in the gym and for the occasional steady state run. I'd be curious how the Vivomove's data tracking can keep up if I don't need very precise run data of the non-hybrids, just general activity long term fitness monitoring. I'd love to stick with a traditional style watch if possible.

  4. As European I strongly prefer Polar products over Garmin.

  5. I'm looking into buying a Garmin watch and I didn't think the Venu or the Vivoactive had a bread crumbs screen, but they do?? If so awesome! But I just wanted to make sure.. I'm looking into a Vivoactive 4S.

  6. Can you make a comparison between the venu and polar vantage v espesially when it comes to crossfit workouts? I'm thinking of buying one of this two, but i'm not sure which one is better for what i'm working out.

  7. Did you grow up speaking english? I would have never guessed you're not a native speaker.

  8. Does it have jump rope as preloaded workout?

  9. Does not have CrossFit activity or HIIT ? which activity would you recommend to do it? And open water swimming also

  10. Is it possible to use a heart-rate belt with it?

  11. Does it has triathlon at the pre loaded sports?

  12. If it has the same battery as the V4, does that mean that it will degrade faster, since you have to charge it nearly twice as much as the V4 (5 days v. 8 days)?

  13. Is the garmin venu touchscreen?

  14. nice video, thanks, I'm also from Chile

  15. Wena cocnhatumare, ta bueno el canal

  16. That battery life of 5+ days gob smacked me! I honestly am considering it as a day to day watch (notification response, music control, sleep tracking) I don't use smart watches for fitness.
    How would you say it is as an office day to day watch? (Notification responses, music play, alarm settings)

  17. My venu shows steps I didn’t do! If I move my arm like walking the venu thinks I’m walking! Is there a way to change that?

  18. My friend sold me his brand new one for 200 dollars

  19. Did anyone else feel like they were watching a comparison video instead of a review video?

  20. Can this watch detect irregular heart rate?

  21. Has anyone tried pairing with Strava? Will heart rate data be transferred to Strava?

  22. Waiting for polar ignite comparison

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