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  1. The Fitbit Versa is arguably the worst fitness watch I’ve ever owned. It tracks your steps even when you’re not even moving. You could be sitting still typing on your computer and it’s logging steps as if you’re walking or running. The steps and mileage are always a mess. There’s 2000 steps in a mile, but I would run 5.45 miles and I would be at 9,474 steps or something bogus. I should really be edging 11k steps lol. Also, I could run the same exact route everyday and the lengths would always change. One day the route is 3.22 miles, the next run has me at 3.14, and the next has the route at 3.33. How is that possible lol? To make a long story short, I sold my Versa and got a Garmin Vivoactive 3 and I’m in love.

  2. Is it possible to listen to Spotify with any of the watches?

  3. great video! Do you compare the vivo life, samsung watch active and versa? Or did you have some experience?
    I do have the versa now but don't know if I should change to garmin or samsung.

  4. Fit bit no good. At all.

  5. Im going to run and go to McDonald's afterwards

  6. This was really helpful. Which one syncs with google fit?

  7. Also keep in mind as far as fitness smart watches you have polar ,Sunto and Samsung active 2 also all within this same price range as well.

  8. Gamin vivo active 3 music works with Spotify Deezer Amazon music and iHeartRadio fyi ?.I have been hard on my vivo active 3 music it hasn't cracked and Garmin mobile app is solid and they have way more apps and watch faces so I disagree.

  9. I want a fitness tracker/watch with GPS and G-Shock durability.

  10. I hate the fitbit Versa. The features are somewhat nice but I had 17 replacements in two years. So not worth the money!

  11. Bruh my fitbit ionic lasted for about 8 months and then died ???

  12. Do you have to have your phone nearby to listen to music while you run?

  13. Durability wise I will scratch out Fitbi. I am a fitbit user since 2015 and have used Charge HR, Blaze and my latest the Ionic, my Ionic died because water got in to it. All of my fitbit watches experienced a replacement before the warranty ended and most of them only lasted a enough to survive its warranty. Yes the software is good but its the sturdiness of the product and its durability fails for me. So I beg to disagree that fitbit is the most durable of all 3. The blaze was good but the ionic I'm really disappointed since its the most expensive of the 3 watches I bought and yet its durability failed me.

  14. Go with Garmin. I was a Fitbit user for 3 years. In that time, my Surge's wrist strap separated from the pebble after 2 1/2 years and the Ionic died after only 8 months. Customer service with Fitbit will not help me, because I didn't buy my "Brand New" Ionic from an authorized retailer (a.k.a. Ebay).

  15. Clickbait?!

    2019???? Upload 2018?

    and most comments 1 yr old?

  16. I’m so happy with my Versa. Good review

  17. the garmin watch now can control spotify unlike fitbit

  18. Is he sponsored by Apple? He never talks about Android compatibility.

  19. Is the only difference with the vivoactive 3 music and the vivoactive 3 is that the one plays music and the other doesn’t?

  20. Heavily biased review for Garmin

    3 watches but exclusive coverage leaned towards Garmin

    4:38 min roughly for Garmin, where it was just Garmin in the shot

    2:12 min for the Fitbit combined.

    Even when you would hold a Fitbit in your hand…you were wearing the Garmin.

    I’ve noticed this in other comparison vids when Garmin is used…

    Just seems hardly a unbiased review.

  21. I looked at all three and got the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music. I've been using it for two weeks now and I fall in love with it again every day. I got the Plantronics Backbeat Fit 2100 wireless headphones at Costco.

  22. Hi Jeff, I've been watching your videos for a while and I woud be really happy if you did some sort of a review where you compare smartwatches that help you in strength training. By that I mean having an app on a smartwatch that works like a gym logbook – where you define exercises, sets and reps, breaks in-between upfront and apply some adjustments during the training – and potentially some music features (like spotify offline playlists and such). Thanks!

  23. Gutverständliche; ausgezeichnete Präsentation ! ?

  24. I hate my versa. Can't use notification. Can't read additional data on watch like workouts and sleep. But most importantly, it will go weeks unable to sync. I was told to unpair the device then pair it again…couldn't pair the device for almost a month. Unless they fix the bugs in their app, do not buy.

  25. Hi, I am wondering that should I buy Garmin Forerunner 735 xt or vivoactive 3 music ? I am an active person doing crossfit training 5 days a week and 1-2 a day depending on my schedule. I watched reviews for both and everyone says their watch is really good. You, who used both and make reviews for both, which one do you suggest ? I do live in a hot country and I love to swim open water as well but its not a necessity for me to swim with a watch on. Watch quality (material wise), battery life, speed, accuracy, stress level and sleep quality kind of things kind of nice for me. Smart watch sounds nice buy thats not an absolute necessity as well but would be a plus. Their price is around the same here so I just need an honest answer to help me pick the best one between the two. If you need anymore details I am happy to answer. Thanks in advance.

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