If you cant decide between Apple Watch vs Fitbit Ionic vs Garmin Vivoactive 3 then you have come to the right place

It has been an amazing year for fitness wearables being launched and the final part of the year sees some of the newest and most sought-after fitness wearables being launched ready for the Christmas buying frenzy and the big question is which fitness wearable is right for me? In this article, I will hopefully help you decide between the Apple Watch vs Garmin Vivoactive 3 vs…

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  1. I think you mean since the original apple watch not the aw1 :p

  2. Interesting that the AW screen was the only one that doesn't work when wet, but he picked it as the best. How much did Apple pay you for this video?

  3. I'm still wondering how come I have had so much patience with this product and the this company: Fitbit!…

    So, me and my wife had the charge 2, and the Alta, and we didn't have any major problems, but the ioinic…THE WORST product ever!

    1. To SET IT UP the first time took me over 4 hours, 3 or 4 phone calls to fitbit, and my Sunday ruined. And I had to do it 2 more times because of the bugs.

    2.To put MUSIC on device is one of the horrible experiences with the watch: beside the fact they put to pay for Pandora, you cannot put the music you want..the watch selects it for you, so you don't really have a choice about the station, and the songs, and the phone changes the music every time you charge the phone! So, the music on this device it is not worth It!

    3. ACCURACY: counts steps in my sleep and when I wash my hands, the heart rate during the work outs it is at least 30 to 40 bpm off, and if I don't wear it for couple hours said that I was asleep….:)

    4. APPS: very few watch faces, not even 10 apps totally, and when I went through all that, I felt that for $300… I was a ripped of!

    CUSTOMER SERVICE: MY WATCH STOPPED WORKING  after 3 weeks after I purchased it, and I could not return it, because Best Buy's policy is 2 weeks for returns! Figures! 

    So, Fitbit told me to send it back to them, and they will send me a new one in 5 to 10 business days..all lies! I sent it back 10 days ago, and when I called to see the status, they told me that will take another 3-4 days till they receive it!!! And another 5 business days AFTER they receive it to send me a new one…if they are not lying to me again!! And another 5 days to receive the product…that is almost one month!!!  Every time I call I stay with them 20 to 40 min..for nothing! They tell me a different story every time!!! Horrible customer service…waste of time! 

    So, in THE END I decide to try to sell the product (if I can!), and I bought a Garmin Vivoavtive 3!!  Gourgeus look and very accurate: steps, heart rate; always on display, easy to navigate, so many things on it : histroy in detail of the work outs, BMR adjusting every day, because we improve trough diet and work outs, and no lagging going through the menu and no bugs…(Ionic was full of bugs and was lagging a lot!)

    FOLKS: ionic is not worthing your time and your money…be smart and don't suffer like me! 🙁

  4. curious to know if the vivoactive 3 shows as much detail as strava when I do my mountain bike rides? GPS better on vivo vs gps on strava/cell phone?

  5. Great series of videos! However, you did not mention one of the biggest disadvantage of the Fitbit Ionic's screen.. it is not an 'always on' screen. Both AW3 and VA3 have 'always on' displays.

  6. Great honest video! Had the Apple Watch and the heart rate monitor is fantastic! Have a fenix 5 and cannot rely on the heart rate monitor without a chest strap. But for me the fenix is better for what I want for activity tracking! I am an Apple fan boy but traded it in for my garmin… ha ent looked back!

  7. Great Videos JR, appreciate your effort. Keep on going!

  8. The battery life is the only reason I wanted to return my AW

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