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  1. You should be an actor…

  2. I have Fitbit Versa and I want to change it for Garmin. I have had fitbit since 2014, I like so much the design and fitbit support ( they have given a new smartwatch replace for technical problems, with Versa and Charge). But the issue of a no integrated GPS is frustrating, the distance and pace account is totally wrong and now I have to use cellphone apps to have a better idea of my training. If you use it as a gym smartwatch or any kind of sport you don't need GPS is a perfect option, but not for running.

  3. 5-6 day battery life?! My Garmin Vivoactive 3 is lucky to get a day and a half 9 battery life.

  4. But you didn't mention that if you want to use a fitbit watch with all included options, you should upgrade your status to "PREMIUM''. This will cost you 80 USD per year…

  5. I made a bad choice. I need to buy the vivoactive 4

  6. For someone who is a beginner when it comes to fitness, (gym, running and home workouts) which one would be better?

  7. Was I the only one who laughed at the joke at the beginning ????

  8. Well, yes you can turn off the always on display on the Versa 2…

  9. Just replaced my Fitbit Versa with Garmin Vivoactive. I agree with you, the Fitbit has a better screen. I love the Versa's design. Unfortunately, with Fitbit it kinda feels like a lucky packet, you never know what you'll get. My Versa had software issues and there wasn't a lot Fitbit Support could do. Also, not a great fitness watch. Garmin's customer service is excellent and overall Garmin is the better brand.

  10. I am just ordering the Garmin Vivoactive 4 right now. I am focusing on getting as fit as I can next year. Thanks so much for the review.

  11. Fitbit is not waterproof. 1 week of swimming and stoped working
    My ionic also did not work after one onsen being carefull not to get to wet.

  12. Can you please make a video on vivomove style, thank you

  13. fitbit gives steps for watching tv….pathetic

  14. How do you compare these two but do not compare accuracy?

  15. Versa2 is useless for a swimmer. It only display a timer since you start and the time of the day when you swim. You only get the count of laps, distance and some basic statistics on the Fitbit app on your phone after synchronizing.

  16. I plan to buy my mother one of these watch's or the samsung active2. She just wants to monitor steps and heart along with notifications. Maybe a watch that bugs her to get up and walk every hour. She also wants a long battery life. The cost doesn't matter. So what watch should I get her?

  17. Had fitbit Versa 2 in the cart, and took it out for the Garmin which DOESN'T Require a 10$/month subscription to use all features (ie sleep features). He mentioned twice you can "save quite a bit of money" with fitbit. This is simply not the case – Long term, fitbit will cost MORE.


    For those of us who want the traditional analog look and accurate heart rate and steps tracking!

  19. Please review Galaxy Watch Active 2!!!

  20. I am in search for the most accurate smartwatch and i am struggling… I really like samsung active 2 but I've heard that fitbit versa 2 is way more accurate. I don't see versa 2 being that good as a smartwatch though. So my questions are : is fitbit really more accurate than active 2? How different are versa 2 vs inspire hr accuracy vise?
    Thank you

  21. Fitbit Versa 2 is my go too, only because i don't think i'll be using all the apps and functions of the garmin.

  22. RIZKNOWS – where does the 735xt fall today in your opinion? Use would be geared towards triathlons. thanks!

  23. No GPS! Useless….

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