Do you want to use this feature? You will need Tools & Mi Band application:

Gesture control is an advanced feature that brings new life to your smart bracelet and offers you countless number of new possibilities by allowing you to assign many of our predefined actions to various gesture swipes.

Swipe gesture is when you swipe on your turned on display to the side and back (you must begin the swipe on your watch face screen).

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  1. Excelente App. Gracias 🙂

  2. Hello. Can you record a video on how to use the volume sensor controls? Doesn't seem to work on my Mi Band 2

  3. Is this working with xiaomi amafzit GTR?

  4. what is the name of application?

  5. Thanks for the video.
    I didn't know that features exist in the app.
    Can u pls make a video on the tracking accuracy of mi band 4. ?

  6. You do strange movement with your hands like a magician very funny

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