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  1. Please come to my country Philippines
    A lot of students here are locked of financial they can't afford to buy hope you can read my comment

  2. I done the same thing but my sign said “Free laptop if you suck”.

  3. Glad that Robert won to use for same reasons as Bretts

  4. Awesome stuff Brett and team.

    Hahaha my battery is 1%
    Needs the cable 100%
    Screen is mmmkey
    Boot time is 30sec maybe 45sec
    Wear is pretty good. No dents or niks.

  5. Man. If it was me. My name 2010 13inch mabcook Pro I keep from sentimental feelings w OK uld have crushed everyone in every category.

  6. Really Glad Robert Won The Laptop He Deserved It =) Looked Like A Genuine Guy As Well.

  7. Bro if I literally would be in that competition I would destroy everyone my lap to screen is coming off the keyboard doesn’t function well it has a lot of dents and it take like 3 mins to boot. But I still have a decent desktop rtx 2070super 32gb of ram and a 3700x

  8. Pretty flawed testing methodology here. Boot time is just a hard disk performance benchmark, and "is it still pretty" has nothing to do with "can I do my class work on it".

    Better benchmarks would have been CPU performance on a 5 minute workload, how MUCH ram does it have (8GB+ being "OK"), and a GPU compute task since GPU acceleration is used in a lot of places these days beyond gaming.
    Probably would have given CPU, RAM, and Graphics a score of 0-2 each, a single bonus point for having an SSD, and then the lowest score gets the laptop.

  9. the guy with the HP deserves better……that laptop sucks…speaking from experience

  10. my laptop is a 2012 hp model lol, currently learning front and back end of web developments, planning to get a gaming rig by summer hopefully

  11. i really laughed so hard when i saw "SUFFERING FROM SUCCESS" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. OOOh I hate solid works I have to doo it right now in intro to design in high school.

  13. If it were me, I would have straight up lost with my 5 years old trusty crappy lappy in the wear and tear department. I tend to take extremely care of everything I own.

  14. if you do that in a third world country like in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines … maybe you can get more than 100 people coming to show how bad is their laptop actually ??? you can even find someone still using old laptop with intel centrino

  15. Buddy you are giving laptops for the errors in there laptop but what about me who don't have.

  16. So you dropped out of Solid Works-studies to go work for God and also do a tech channel? Seems a good exchange, to me.

  17. Did the third guy really join because his internet was the problem????????

  18. oh dam they still have good laptop mine is 17 years old c2d 2gb ram and 70gb HD 😀

  19. So I live in India and always used to wonder how the college life looks like in foreign countries apart from hollywood peoples display in the movies but amazed to see its pretty much similar but can say they have better programs and infra structure

  20. Lol, never expected to see turlington in a thumbnail of my suggested videos! Really great thing you did there, Go Gators!

  21. You try that here in S.A, you will prolly get robbed of the laptop 🙁

  22. Recently my laptop broke, so had to use my old toshiba portege with a 2nd gen i5 with an almost broke keyboard, if I had been there, that laptop would be mine

  23. my college laptop in 2006 was a hp 4100 omnibook 266 pentium II 128mb of pc100 sdram 40 gb IDE pc100 hard drive, external wificard…. but yes it wasnt my only computer

  24. I’ve finished this Video and my laptop hasn’t boot up yet. Maybe I needed a new one

  25. Now he's gonna drop out because of gaming too much.

  26. Thank you, I signed up for Skillshare and hopefully will keep it after the first 2 months.

  27. The one time I wish I had a crappy laptop

  28. Should have given gaming mouse and gaming headset for second and third place

  29. I have a 10 years old laptop.. And it sucks

  30. this guys had really very good laptops if compare with my

  31. My semp toshiba core 2 duo massive copper heatsink would destroy all

  32. What about speed and specs? ¬¬

  33. No prize at all for the other two? 🙁

  34. Me sitting right here watching this on my laptop from 2009 rocking a core 2 duo and hd4570 thinking that one day my luck will probably get better

  35. These aren’t real college students if they don’t have their laptop on them while they are walking around campus. Must be people touring

  36. What?? The one day I don’t go Marston and you’re there.

  37. Damn, I literally walked right by Brett the other day!

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