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  1. Btw I think I’m gonna do a prank next

  2. Very nice, from Germany

  3. Hi brother plz I need this give away I can't afford to buy this laptop it's very imp for my job and studies I am carrying both of them at a time but my family is not in this situation to buy a laptop so kindly see my comment and respond to me brother….!

  4. This was the best in 2020 I've watched…

  5. Oh my God they are so lucky
    I wish it was me ??

  6. I wish you had a laptop for me to watch your video. I am Vietnamese and I really admire you.

  7. ,???????????????????????

  8. Yes u should give those who need it

  9. Thats why i love you homie

  10. thanks for helping thease students so much! i went through all my college years with no comuter at all because my mom was struggling a lot finacially and all the money i made went to helping her pay things like the rent so i know how huge of a struggle it is to not have a labtop! especially nowdays when we are expected to do all our presentations on powerpoint and type our essays
    god bless you!


  12. WoW you give more to people than Jeff Besos.

  13. Go to Miami to help the young black kids. I am Canadian, I have Bipolar, PTSD and so on. But there is one thing that break my heart when I go there to see my daughter is the poor people.

  14. I aslo need one .I am also a student 🙂

  15. “Are you famous or something?”
    “I realized that’s too heavy for me and hurts my back, so i decided to throw it away and order online”

  16. Oh man…That was epic dude…

  17. i hope the first guy can be a successful music producer.

  18. Really like your videos… Great job dude..keep it up…

  19. The girl with black sweeter is about to fall in love with you ..don’t Brock her heart ?

  20. The first dude melted my heart

  21. Come to Spain please, I need a MacBook.

  22. next prank- smashing peoples laptops and giving them monitors

  23. We have become so selfish to a point where we can believe it kindness exist great work

  24. You are such a nice guys

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