On Pocketnow Daily, we have some deals for the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Smartphone sales are finally picking up for the first time in two years. We have yet another icon of the rumored 16in MacBook Pro. This poster might hint to Samsung’s next foldable… or next flip phone. We have some new official renders of the Moto RAZR courtesy of Evan Blass. We end today’s show with Google’s acquisition of FitBit.

All this and more after the break.

– Google Store lets you save $300 on the…

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  1. Hah, i have a pebble watch…


  2. Would have preferred Microsoft buying Fitbit over Google.

  3. Fitbit could not hurt. At least they made good stuff that was not a battery hog or dog slow.

  4. Why are you always making this face in your thumbnails?

  5. Fitbit is trash! Why the heck is Google buying that? Bout to be a whole bunch of laggy overpriced smartwatches powered by Google

  6. Google owns FitBit which owns Pebble. Google ought to bring back those Pebble vibes!

  7. Google + Fitbit is hilarious news. Just because the Versa 2 has alexa built in? …

  8. Samsung and Huawei are the only fitness companies to bother with. Samsung are the best. For Android of course.
    Google will ruin Fitbit like they ruin everything.

  9. I will be the first one to buy a Fitbit or an Apple Watch when they can make a watch that can compete with Garmin in the fitness department.

  10. Totally agree with how google should handle fitbit. I was a Pebble wearer – and fitbit did nothing to make me not miss Pebble watch. I have iphone – but work friends have fitbit. Have been doing the combo regular watch and smaller fitbit band for a while. The Versa was not good. Never enjoyed it and hardware was poor. You should not have to worry about getting locked out of your watch while trying to change bands. Hope the combo google/fitbit potential smartwatch may be better. Thanks.

  11. Google buys Fitbit, pulls all there features in their app and wear os, makes it another WAZE scenario… then dumps it…

  12. Fitbit just committed suicide by selling themselves to Google

  13. If it looks as amazing as the original Huawei Watch, incl. Sapphire display (how stupid/annoying is it putting a screen protector on a watch??), and works as well as a Fitbit for fitness, I would be okay with a higher price as well. Just don't make it stupid, Looks CAD$1000.
    They already priced their Pixel 4 too high for what it is. I was convinced that was my next phone from the 2 XL but I can't bring myself to get it as is.

  14. I firmly think that the best form factor is the original Huawei Watch! I have had one since launch day and it still looks amazing compared to any other wearable available today. It also looks new still, thanks to the sapphire screen and whatever they did with how they made the casing and Milanese band. Even the nickel/chromium coating is so high quality it's almost still new. Also NO BLACK BEZEL was done perfectly back then. @WearOS @Google definitely buy one of these. There is much to learn. Even Huawei couldn't do it again for their following watches.

  15. Google, you don’t have to do everything or buy everything but refine what you’ve had.

  16. When will surface laptop 3 launch in India?

  17. Lucky Fitbit dumb google.

  18. Google buying fitbit means a lot?? Like Google buying HTC's design department meant a lot? Or nothing. Google only want fitbit to get its hands on their health data software. For the future refer to Microsoft buying Nokia, or HP buying Compaq. Don't expect to see anything revolutionary.

  19. I think this will push other OEMs to come up with a better watch
    Eager to see what's next

  20. Pebble was beyond basic

  21. Did y'all really just leave that recording mistake in the video?

  22. Y'all saying 399 and 499 like that shit cheap!

  23. Wrong… Unlimited storage is on the 4. Just not original quality.

  24. I agree. Let the people at Fitbit build an amazing device.

  25. Google just wants Fitbit data give it 2-4 years and Fitbit will be gone!

  26. Another company that Google will break. Not happy.

  27. It's pretty simple just kill WEAROS and bring back pebble

  28. The acquisition doesn't sound that amazing, but the concept you listed with a Fitbit running WearOS does. I am in the market for a Wear OS Smartwatch and I hope the integration with Android will be great, so good luck to Google and their endeavours.

  29. They want MORE of your data. Knowing your browsing history, spending habits, and location isn't enough — now Google will know your heart and respiratory rates each time you walk by an ad or display

  30. ..And there I am saving up money for the Versa 2!!

  31. I just hope that Google doesn't do with Fitbit what Lenovo did with Motorola

    If the future wearables can't keep the fitness/health factor as well as the battery longevity, then I'll be giving up on smartwatches/fitness bands

  32. Im hangin on to my shares.bought in at 3.96$ gonna hold out to see where this goes.

  33. 2019: Google bans Fitbit
    2020: Nothing
    2021: Google ruins Fitbit
    2022: Google shutdowns fitbit

  34. Google buys Fitbit for 2.1B$.

    That's like some of the worst deals ever. I recently bought Fitbit for like 200$.

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