Clip from Lew Later (Episode – Here Is The Motorola Razr 2019 Smartphone) –

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  1. ???? 2 billion on a fitbit come on now… It gotta be the data apple wants.

  2. There is no way Google will ever turn this into profit

  3. Imagine if it flops ?

  4. Ugh can’t wait for google to ruin Fitbit and make it 3 times more expensive

  5. Sorry I don’t speak rich

  6. Google needs to be stopped

  7. You wear one of these wearable watches wile you sleep of course you dumb. So pumping who knows what kind of poison in your body wile you’re sleeping sounds like a brilliant idea! #DumbCheck

  8. Google won't be relevant with fitness wearables until Samsung drops Tizen

  9. please add comas

  10. Please put , on all those 000,000's

  11. 2.1 billion. 100 million is a big difference when it comes to money.

  12. Fits right in, they can track people even more precisely.

  13. Bruh write million/billion or add some commas between those zeros

  14. Google just buy things, time to start making your own things!!!

  15. That’s why the Fitbit started exploding from people’s hands!

  16. Where did the surface laptop go?

  17. According to the comments … the ,,, were the click bait on this video

  18. The headline 3 months from now, “Google shuts down Fitbit” just wait for it…

  19. Google buys fitbit after man arm got 3rd degree burn

  20. Fit bit sucks it just burn someone arm

  21. Now google can track our location! YAY !

  22. u could use commas

  23. Tech companies now just know how to compete against one another.

    They have forgot how to create something new.

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