Google Home and IFTTT – 10 Ways to Extend Google Home’s Capabilities

Google Home and Google Home Mini are great smart home devices, and they’re constantly getting new updates and new features in 2018. However, you can use IFTTT (If This Then That) to extend Google Home and Google Assistant’s functionality.

You can use Google Home to trigger applets or recipes in IFTTT in order to make a number of different things happen. These aren’t all about controlling your home, but they can all help…

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  1. Im confused about the part about Yee lights & Lutron Caseta. they aren't compatible google assistant right out of the box like say WiZ lights are?

  2. Hi, can you tell me the best way to allow location based Google assistant routines? I know we could technically use IFTTT location to trigger Google Assistant commands however is there anything smarter to accomplish this, as in use more data than simply a GPS geofence to say if I am home or not? Example turn off all the lights if myself and other members of my family are all away from home? Or only turn on the lights when I get home if we are passed sunset time? Any tips would help, thanks!

  3. can't you implement some of these applets with simple google home routines?

  4. The yeelight is not connecting to my home even with iftt

  5. remember guys when the power goes out you will have to talk to your wife

  6. I have Google assistant on my android. I just want to smarten her up a little..I don't have Google home or internet at home. What I want to do is talk to assistant to post my status on Facebook by talking to assistant. Also I would like to talk to messanger to send messages also. Is this possible with applets?

  7. How do I connect my google home mini to ifttt

  8. Apparently Google Home is supposed to support wemo devices and I can add them to the assistant, but not actually control them with voice commands.. IFTTT just solves that soooo easily.
    That said, since I use a mix of Philips Hue and WeMo I've found that a mix of IFTTT and Stingify gives me the abiity to really do insanely smart and complex things like making a command that will turn on all lights dimmed, wait 15 minutes and then slowly dim them until they're at 0%. Especially the ability to trigger a delayed action is great when going to bed, leaving for work etc. Basically Stringify is way more advanced but doesn't support much, and loads up _insanely slow_, but.. since it can trigger and be triggered by IFTTT. Very happy to see that you got that crammed into the video as well. Who'd ever believe Microsoft would do an android app that would turn out to be that useful?

  9. While I enjoy your videos; please fix your mic/sound. The echo in that room is a real irritant. Sorry. Just being honest.

  10. I tried to use IFTTT , to give a responce. I used the dollar sign , it tells me that it is a number ingredient not a text ingredient. When I trid making a new applet for the same, it cant find google assistant for the That sidde of the applet. I havent got this ifttt to do anything it is supposed to do with google home. in fact google home isnt in the list. just going to delete it

  11. Brilliant let's let Google right in our home let's let all our private moments be monitored and used by Google to do what ever with. The can hear and see your naked ass any where you go. All you personal conversations public. Just amazing how little you people care about one of your constitutional rights. You buy the wire tape and bring it home?. Idiots

  12. One reason I like to put IFTTT in between Harmony and Google Home is to. Eliminate the annoying extra verbage that sometimes happens. For example, when I say, “Switch to Chromcast”, Instead of just doing it Google says, “Well we can get Harmony for that, do you want to use Harmony”? And I have to request it again. By using IFTTT, that irritation is gone.

  13. Did you watch the Google io talking about the assistant? Its crazy!

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