CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” crew discuss the news that Fitbit will be acquired by Google.

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  1. 2020 is when finally the pixel watch comes

  2. This deal should be denied

  3. They bought it to improve Wear OS I'm pretty sure they already have your data. JS
    Great move Google now hurry with the Google watch Please

  4. FitBit is FINISHED!!!!!!

    E-Bay will be overflowing with used FitBit and the market in new devices will be finished. Stock buyers take note!

  5. Bought in at 3 and some change up to 7.12 today.. How sweet it is!!!

  6. Fitbit has always been useless and the Apple Watch is a gimmick

  7. Is for bit even worth 1% of 2 billion? Who the fuck needs to count their steps to feel better about themselves why not just walk or run….? Of you're concerned about your health why do you need to measure how many steps you have taken….this is for fat people that seek reward for no effort

  8. there was a time when people had a telephone, a radio and box type TV and they were content. Now you have Flat TV, mobile, Tablet, PC, Fitwatch, and yet people are not content. All these gadgets are not enough.

  9. makes sense since apple's iWatch is geared towards health mostly. I feel like they're pre-announcing it cause it might not go through

  10. At least we might get updates on our devices and devices will get more affordable

  11. Had a Charge 1 and Charge 2. It was clever how the solved the bands falling apart issue: by making bands that still fall apart but are replaceable and cost just 30 bucks each.
    So glad I switched to Garmin.

  12. Great, because when I woke up today I thought it'd be sweet if google had all of our health info down to the second too?

  13. Good I'd like better features from android

  14. Nice. Another way to track everyones every literally move.

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