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by SaintDruG / Anon



This video is performed for educational purpose only, it will help Cyber Security Researchers expand their knowledge as to how such attacks take place, everything is done on self owned machines and do not support promotion for such techniques, we are not responsible…

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  1. fully working . thank u . hero

  2. it says "illegal option : keyalg"

  3. thanks for lesson, can you help me on how to use backdoored android as proxy through shell

  4. very nice, persistent android's hack

  5. hey i am getting an error
    Error type 3
    Error: Activity class {com.metasploit.stage/com.metasploit.stage.MainActivity} does not exist

  6. how long has it taken you to learn all this?!,

  7. Is there any way to bind this apk with some other so the user dont uninstall it?

  8. Hi anon ..I follow all the step,when running the apk from target android phone, it gives me an error " Unfortunately,Mainactivity has stopped"..the file was installed ..and when i try to reboot the phone,the handler tries to connect but it gives same error and this could happen everytime i reboot the phone..any idea ..I'm using Backbox linux ..thks nice tutorial…

  9. How do i start the exploit the next day after sending the apk to target phones.? And will it work if my ip address changes(say i created the apk using a wifi and then wants to start the exploit whilst using a cable connection in the following day.?)

  10. Hi Anon, i keep getting "No Active Sessions" After the exploit setup…

  11. the persistency goes when the victim uninstall the backdoord apk !! any other way to make persistence :!!

  12. Hi ANON, Thanks for the educational tutorial. I was trying to create keystore but it is not working and giving me error "illegal alias_name" and telling me to use "keystool -help" command. I am newbie in this kind of tutorial. what do you suggest I should do? Thanks in advance

  13. can you answer my quest bro ? when exploiting, I got this message
    [-] Handler failed to bind to xxxxxx:4444(external ip adress)
    and the exploit doesnt work even when i install the apk file in my phone
    by the way the video was very helpful, Thanks so much & im heading for more tutorials by you my friend

  14. 1-puedes hacer un video como incrustar este payload en una app original

    2-you can make a video and embed this payload on an original app

  15. πολλη ωραια τα βιντεο φιλε κανε ενα που να παιρνεις μια τυχαια ip απο το angry ip scanner και να κανεις sniffing στην συγκεκριμενη ip

  16. can u do kinds of getting passwords from facebook profiles or sth. similar

  17. hi saint drug, i want to hack my brothers phone, we are on same wifi network. but i can not touch his phone. please explain in detal how can i do this. i have kali linux installed. please help.

  18. TQ ,, very helpfull video
    bt i cant upload my script
    core channel open error

  19. thanks Chris, very nice work.
    I don't understand one thing.
    i have problem to take smartphone of the victim.
    Have i another way for install file?
    If you can help me for other work also I would like to contact you in private.

  20. Very nice tut Chris! i have some questions in mind, if you don't mind 1) is there a similar migrate command for reverse_tcp payload for android like the one for windows? 2) will the work for unrooted phones? Thanks.

  21. Thanks for this very well done tutorial..Greetings from Macedonia..

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