How to Use QR Codes to Hack Mobile Phones & Scanners
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QR Codes are a fun way of scanning information with your mobile device on the go. However, this popular technique can be taken advantage of and used to inject malicious code and commands by a knowledgeable hacker. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll introduce you to a malicious QR code generator called…

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  1. NullByte reminds me of Kevin Rose from the TechTV days

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    SUN $$HAX$$ _BIGTIME_x_X-_X

  3. hi can you help me in email or whats app plz i need help:(

  4. who wants to make $100K, i have a machine that reads QR codes then dispenses cash. if you can break it i'll pay you!

  5. Caveat emptor: Some of the domains in the exploit list (apparently from payloadbox) are currently inhabited by squatters. Nasty trap potential there.

  6. I've been wondering for years now if someone could perform a SQL Injection using QR codes in a store. Imagine having a QR code on your iPhone display and having the in store price-check scanner scan it, only to have the embedded SQL Injection change the price for the item in the database. I'm sure that's illegal and I've never more than worried about it. I hope that the merchant's software folks have protected their scanner software inputs the same way you would protect other database access software.

  7. can I put a sticker on your laptop, or send you a t-shirt to wear?

  8. What's the app you're using on Android?

  9. can you send QR that code folder for me? (all of QR code image)

  10. Didn't know you were a script kiddy

  11. Can I do all this in my Mac ? Or Should I get Virtual Box and run Linux in it ?

  12. Maybe he's born with it maybe it's amphetamiiiines

  13. Why you are not uploading videos
    Its been a month

  14. hello null bite im a bit of a script kiddie that absolutely loves your videos!
    i love it when you make a video of something thats usefull in real life
    could you please make a video on how to spoof my cars blackbox preferbly in a bit of a polemon go kind of way where i can decite where my cars myself ?
    this would make my life a ton easier and cheaper

  15. Kody please check in. We are all worried. Are you ok?

  16. Can you please make a video on injecting keylogger on a victim device without physical access

  17. how to save that malaseus code

  18. Brrr0… i was doing a bug bounty on ur head n i found couple of bald spots 😉
    4real tho , i like your channel and all that , but i think you are trying too hard to stay within bounds of youtube terms n policies . and by that you skip almost all of the good stuff (or due to lack of knowledge) . in any case you could cut a lot of those junk frames specially at the beginning and the ending . your so called lessons are like a saturday night live sketch , there`s a long into and outro and maybe one good joke in between . computer scientists never cover up their shit with stupid stickers in front , script kiddies do. what are you trying to say here with that laptop? that your either 13 or a advertising board ? init null

  19. Hi , how we can remove our ip address
    when hacking is done ?

  20. Dude can u help me my laptop got nesa virus can u giving solution

  21. Hey bro what I really need help with is, When I run CMSeeK on WP sites I find disclosure paths, But I dont know how to access the path or what to do at all with this path disclosure trying to gain access to the word press site. Any ideas I cant find anything about this or how to exploit a disclosure path any where?

  22. 1 month no vid

  23. Null pls do vids with windows its not fair i rly wanna do this

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  25. Hey I want you to design an AI program for me. Will you help me ??

  26. Can I use it for hacking what’s up

  27. Wait can i do a QR code which looks for the connected WIFI code in the Phone?

  28. if you script kiddies are impressed by his videos a word of advice cyber security isnt for you.

  29. Why not try to teach people some programming languages like bash and python or maybe even C . Because you’ve done enough script reviews maybe it’s time to change some things up , so people will actually be able to make scripts on their own.

  30. Come back my friends ?

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